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rel=author lite? Bing+ (Facebook)?

Oh Bing, ya can't saying you aren't trying.

Here's how to set it up:
(1) Login to Linked Pages with your Facebook account.

Whoah! Hold the phone! I need a Facebook account to participate in Bing's linked universe, eh? I gotta say, Bing, however much Google may be trying to make Google+ profile pages the center of the my known social and authorial universe, at least I'm only dealing with one evil empire, not two.

I actually kind of like the initiative, insofar as it consolidates known profiles. But why not let me do that through my Live account rather than freakin' Facebook.

Oh, duh - nobody has a Live account.....
Whether it’s an old friend, a former classmate or ( ahem ) yourself, searching for people is one of the most common things we do on the web. Last year, we took the first step to bring expanded search ...
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Oh, and I'm eager to have +AJ Kohn do a compare and contrast with Google's linking method(s). When may we expect that treatise, AJ? :)
Actually, there are a ton of universities whose email systems are run through MS Live and therefore have live accounts. Start at the grassroots level and ...
+Richard Hornsby I've no doubt - but compare the number of university students with Live accounts they didn't ask for with those that have voluntarily joined Facebook, and you can see why Bing took the route they did. (Hmm, are there any university students without Facebook accounts).

Like most SEOs, I have a Live account in order to do SEO-y things like access Bing Webmaster Tools ... but that account's utility kind of starts and ends there (well, that and I was able to easily capture another "aaranged" account). :)
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