Some basic definitions related to

I'm reaching out to everybody - and especially the semantic technology illuminati here - to help me finalize some definitions related to and its.

I'm relatively confident that my terminology is correct, but I really, really want to nail these for something - well several things - I'm writing.  I'd like to record and put all these terms in the "let us never speak of these again" category. :)

True or false:  * is a vocabulary*?

The site calls itself  "a collection of schemas, i.e., html tags" and "a structured data markup schema," and that "the schemas are a set of 'types', each associated with a set of properties."   How does a "schema" vary from a vocabulary?  Is a "schema" in this context the combination a vocabulary and a protocol for its use in HTML?  Or in the context of the site quotes above, does schema simply and straightforwardly mean "XML schema" in the in the Wikipedia sense (

And even if it's not the full answer, is it actually wrong to call a vocabulary?

True or false:  *microdata, RDFa and RDFa Lite are each an instance of a snytax*?

As in, "you can use any of these syntaxes to markup HTML with"

And is it correct to say, more specifically, that each of these are all attribute-based HTML markup specification?

Finally, true or false, JSON-LD is a  method of transmitting linked data using JavaScript?

I know that JSON itself is a standard for data interchange using JavaScript, and it's used for the serialization and transmission structured data, and that JSON-LD is a JSON-based format to serialize linked data.  So as much as it's a mouthful to say "JSON-LD is a way of serializing data," is a wrong?

And because it is a mouthful, in this same content is it correct to say that JSON-LD - at the simplest level - is a method of transmitting information without using HTML (yes, I know, technically without using XML).

Many, many thanks for any responses, and by extension helping more people understand these concepts better:  my well-intentioned search marketing colleagues often get these wrong, and I want to be confident when I reach out to them.

cc: +Kingsley Idehen +Dan Brickley +Gregg Kellogg +Manu Sporny 
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