Is Google parsing and extracting categorized menu data?

A tweet ( from +Allie Brown shows a search result where Google is displaying categorized menu item in response to a "[restaurant] brunch menu" query (she's managed to replicate this for a couple of restaurants - c.f.

At first blush it appears that the data source Google is using is (and/or, which seems to employ similar taxonomic schemes).

Neither the typically lame* desktop site (below, upper right) nor the .me mobile site for Jones displays their menu with these categories, which you will find on their page.

If true this would hardly represent the first time (to say the least) that Google has gone out of its way to parse a specific data source because that source classifies the data in useful ways (remember a little site called "Yelp" that Google managed to extract star ratings from and port to the SERPs, long before aggregateRating?).

I think is kind of a general object lesson on how data organization can create value for data consumers like Google.  And it makes one think about how markup that is currently seemingly unused may make its way eventually into the SERPs.  Finally (and kind of counter this last point) it makes one think about how Google will often ignore natively-provided data in preference to third-party data that is organized in a way that makes its consumption irresistible.

In regard to such native markup, if anyone does spot any instances of content marked up with or I'd love to hear about it!

Nice catch Allie - thanks!

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