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Want to learn more about structured data, but averse to reading?

Then here you go!

Thanks +Webcertain TV (I really liked the crew) - and in appreciation let us walk you through the joys of VideoObject (as non-YouTube video rich snippets in Google ain't entirely dead, you know:).
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Any tips about contact number? Done that months and months ago. Our knowledge graph still isn't showing contact number. =(
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Aaron Bradley
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" by itself doesn’t require any fields"

While this will come as no news at all to members of this Community, I nonetheless commend +Mark van Berkel for making it crystal clear for anyone interested in the topic (and, by extension, anyone searching for information about usage requirements) that class and property usage are prescribed by data consumers rather than the vocabulary itself.

We often get asked which fields are required for a data type. The answer is that it depends on what you’re trying to do with the markup. What is the outcome you want to accomplish? The most common use case is that users are optimizing for Google, either trying to get Rich Cards...
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Aaron Bradley
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A new JSON-LD tool: caveat emptor

As reported by +Barry Schwartz, +Joe Hall has released a JSON-LD generator for some types.

Nice to see, but users should be aware that there are some errors and limitations in the tool as currently implemented.

Type casing

In a couple of cases the type is declared using a lowercase value. As types and properties are case-sensitive, this is incorrect: exists, does not.

The SDTT is forgiving about this, but it is an error (as you'll see if you run the code through the Linter - Classes I've identified with this error:

- person
- product

@context is declared as This causes an unnecessary 301 to, and may break the code for some processors (JSON-LD Playground, for example, returns an error).

LocalBusiness requires a sub-type

Where, of course, you can simply use LocalBusiness if there's no appropriate sub-type.

LocalBusiness uses "extra URL"

There's the utility to produce an "extra URL" for a LocalBusiness type. Adding such a URL produces an array of sameAs declarations (also available in organization).

url and sameAs are different animals, however. A webmaster might end up using this correctly, or might not.

<script type='application/ld+json'>
"name": "My Shelter",
"url": "",
"sameAs": [

Product image

The input instructions say "Image (relative or absolute url)". You positively can't use a relative URL here. There may be situations where this is possible in JSON-LD, depending on the processor and the precise code being deployed (though IMO you should always - as recently discussed here - use an absolute URL), but certainly not here because there's no URL declared that this is relative to.

Product ratings

Rating assumes that you'll use a 5-point scale, but doesn't state this, so you'll have to normalize this yourself.

Also, while "rating" this assumes - as per the "Based on now many reviews" input, that this is based on reviews and not ratings. If it is soley ratings, than "ratingCount" should be used rather than the provided "reviewCount".

Product MIA: offers

Not an error, but kind of bizarre that this doesn't provide the ability to provide offer information (although event does).


Given all of this I would certainly recommend that the order of the #4 and #5 be reversed (not just here, but anytime one is producing JSON-LD, as it can readily be tested as an independent code snippet, and in any case because the rest of the page code is irrelevant to validating a JSON-LD script block):

4. Paste JSON-LD in the <head> section of your HTML document.
5. Test implementation with the structured data testing tool.
Joe Hall was cool enough to make a JSON-LD Schema Generator tool for SEOs. The tool is very easy to use, you pick what Schema structured markup you want for a specific page and then fill out the form
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Nice to have a tool option. Thanks +Joe Hall, +Barry Schwartz and +Aaron Bradley.

When I try this for a client, I have two errors for the contact point:

<script type='application/ld+json'>
  "name": "Venture",
  "url": "",
  "logo": "",
  "description": "A non-profit We are committed to spending our greatest energies to help those with the greatest needs. The more miles we log, the more lives are changed.",
  "address": {
    "streetAddress": "511 East Travelers Trail",
    "addressLocality": "Burnsville",
    "addressRegion": "Minnesota",
    "postalCode": "55337",
    "addressCountry": "US"
  "contactPoint": {
    "telephone": "952-886-7606 "

Any suggestions?

Also, oddly, for the moment the Google structured data testing tool is down for me. I mean it is there but every URL I try fails to render any results. The code snippets works.
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Aaron Bradley

Structured data markup  - 
In reference to that ID...

Hooray! +Mike Arnesen wrote this article so I didn't have to. Or rather, so I didn't have to force +Jarno van Driel to do so, since itemref always has this this habit of tying me up in markup knots. :)

In any case, a great guide to (IMO) one of the most difficult but necessary-to-grasp features of microdata. Thanks Mike!

#itemref   #itemid   #microdata   #schemaorg  
Structured data has never been more important than it is today. This post will help you implement semantic markup and structured data with greater ease and enable you to create a more robust and complete web of linked data on your website (and beyond).
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Happy to have lightened your workload, +Aaron Bradley and +Jarno van Driel. Still tying to get both of you the army of interns you so rightfully deserve. ;-)

I'm absolutely in the same boat as you with blog post follow through. This post represents the 5% chance and blog post idea I have will see the light of day.

In any case, thanks for sharing +Aaron Bradley and I'm glad you liked it!
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Aaron Bradley

Structured data markup  - 
Structured data for ecommerce

A free upcoming webinar (13 July) from +GS1 UK which (aside from a "Brief history of the Internet" - !") will cover:

- The mobile age and how to ensure you win
- What technology is about to take over from mobile
- Why structured data and product identifiers are key
- What to expect over the next few years and how to set your business up to succeed

I confidently predict the acronym "GTIN" will be used at least once. :)

#structureddata   #ecommerce   #gs1  
David Smith, Head of Digital at GS1 UK and Chris Dawson, Tamebay editor, host a webinar at 14.00 on 13 July on ‘The future of ecommerce and why structured data is key’.
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Thank you for sharing :) +Aaron Bradley I just registered :)
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Aaron Bradley

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I went to Seattle, and all I have to show for it is a t-shirt

Kidding! I have my deck to show for my time at SMX Advanced, which you'll find embedded in this post, along with a couple of notes on the presentation.

(And I did score a nice blue t-shirt - thanks +Moz!)
A review of recent search-engine facing changes to structured data markup, presented at SMX Advanced in Seattle on 23 June 2016.
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You're very welcome, Aaron! Hope you enjoyed your time here in Seattle. :D
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Aaron Bradley

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I'm speaking at SMX West on Thursday: here's - very briefly - what I had to say to +DeepCrawl about what I want attendees to take away, and about challenges to SEO. Enjoy ... if you dare! :)
We’ve selected key SEO industry SMX Advanced speakers, so our community can learn more about about some of the SEO world’s biggest influencers.
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+Aaron Bradley  "structured data is linked data." music for my ears :D
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Aaron Bradley
owner  - 3.1 in the queue

As +Dan Brickley says in the Git, "focus for this release is primarily fixups".

See the "site improvements" list at the call-out URL for details - a lot of this work corrects accidental rollbacks in version 3.0 (e.g. restoring Person as an expected value for publisher).

AFAIK "Hotels" not being rolled into this release.

Further details here:
Meta-issue for sdo-makemake release (likely as version 3.1) · Issue #1212 · schemaorg/schemaorg

#schemaorg is a set of extensible schemas that enables webmasters to embed structured data on their web pages for use by search engines and other applications.
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Aaron Bradley
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Mike Arnesen on, JSON-LD, Google Tag Manger and more

Schema App has just published a nice interview with +Mike Arnesen of +UpBuild conducted by SA's +Martha van Berkel.

In the wide-ranging talk, Mike talks about semantic search, semantic markup, why a publisher might want to consider using, and leveraging Google Tag Manager as a markup-generating tool.

(Thanks, Mike, for you kinds words about me and this community.)

#schemaorg   #jsonld   #googletagmanager   #semanticsearch  
Hi and welcome to Schema Stories my name is Martha Van Berkel and I’m the co-founder of Schema App. Our schema stories bring you real people doing markup, they share their tools and insights on how it affects their business and their agency. Today I’m joined by Mike Arnesen...
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That was cool. :)
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Aaron Bradley
owner  - 
What is this Place?

Okay, it's "North America". But how can one declare this as a - or "Pacific Ocean", or any other region that isn't an administrative area?

Thanks in advance for any replies mes amis!
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+Jarno van Driel Yes. Google will understand actually understands all the nuances of North America also, but if you want to be precise use a aameAs to the precise definition of your North America concept. If you ask a Geologist what is North America, he will ask you many questions..Which Epoch? Including Hydrographic features or not? , etc, etc. and hopefully your sameAs URL will have those answers in structured format, or at least some good text descriptions that disambiguate your "North America" from my "North America".
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Aaron Bradley

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A Donald Trump digital fail

I know, I know - uncovering Trump fails is like shooting fish in a barrel, but I thought this was interesting because it's specifically a Google fail.

At the beginning of February 2016, Google announced that users could find information, directly in the search results, on where US presidential candidates stood on a number of issues, saying of the initiative (emphasis mine):

"In addition to seeing direct statements from the candidates — if they choose to share them — you’ll also see a variety of candidate quotes aggregated from news articles."

And most did choose to share such statements. As you can see from the panels for Clinton, Sanders and Carson, the candidates had the opportunity to craft a statement for each issue that fit in the "issue card" (probably a limit of 350 characters).

(As per the associated date stamps, while Google's announcement came in February, Google had obviously reached out to the candidates a month or two beforehand).

It makes sense that a candidate would want to avail themselves of this opportunity, as - just with, say, a meta description - it provides them with the opportunity to create a coherent message tailored to the space available and the environment for which it is created.

Providing this also ensures that this statement, wholly under the candidate's control, will appear first, before any quotes pulled from news stories which may or may not represent a candidate's view well, or - worse - frame their positions in a negative light.

You probably don't need to reference the image to correctly identify which candidate did not avail himself of this opportunity, and so at once both miss the opportunity of providing a coherent message, and open himself up the possibility that unflattering pull quotes would appear in the very space he had the opportunity to own.

It would be interesting to know if, in the event that Trump did want to rectify this mistake, whether or not Google would now accept the entry (I would guess yes), or if Google would allow any candidate to revise a previously provided issue statement (again, I would guess yes).
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Aaron Bradley

Structured data markup  - 
Key Structured Data Events

The other artifact from my #SMX presentation today.

This Google Sheet lists dates for each structured data development relevant to search engines, along with announcement links, reference links and discussion links.

Ping me if you find any errors or omissions. This is a resource I hope to keep updated.
Key Structured Data EventsMain Table Item, Announcement Date, Effective Date, Announcement URL 1, Announcement URL 2, Reference URL 1, Reference URL 2, Discussion URL 1, Discussion URL 2, Vocabulary or Standard, Syntax( es) or Format( s), Organization, Notes Google introduces rich snippets( review and people rich snipp...
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"will RankBrain ... will have any impact on using Wikidata links in schema LocalBusiness and/or ProfessionalServices?"

None whatsoever.

"Seems that this has historically been used a lot for categorization, which has changes in terms of best practices."

I don't know the antecedent for "this" in the above sentence. If RankBrain that is not the case - that is not what RankBrain does. See:

The RankBrain Survival Guide
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