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Aaron Bradley

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I went to Seattle, and all I have to show for it is a t-shirt

Kidding! I have my deck to show for my time at SMX Advanced, which you'll find embedded in this post, along with a couple of notes on the presentation.

(And I did score a nice blue t-shirt - thanks +Moz!)
A review of recent search-engine facing changes to structured data markup, presented at SMX Advanced in Seattle on 23 June 2016.
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You're very welcome, Aaron! Hope you enjoyed your time here in Seattle. :D
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Aaron Bradley

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I'm speaking at SMX West on Thursday: here's - very briefly - what I had to say to +DeepCrawl about what I want attendees to take away, and about challenges to SEO. Enjoy ... if you dare! :)
We’ve selected key SEO industry SMX Advanced speakers, so our community can learn more about about some of the SEO world’s biggest influencers.
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+Aaron Bradley  "structured data is linked data." music for my ears :D
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Aaron Bradley

Linked Data and Open Linked Data  - 
"A pivotal shift pivotal shift in Technical SEO ... to open data strategies"

Be still my heart: an article with "open data" and "SEO" in the title!

A very forward-thinking rumination from +Pete Campbell on the future of "the web" in a mobile world. He concludes:

"I believe we need to start talking to brands about their open data strategy. Advising them on how they can market their products, services and brand proposition by taking this data – whether that’s through a JSON-Based REST API or otherwise – and increase it’s visibility through third-party applications and platforms that have community they can tap into."

Indeed. I know this will resonate with +Jarno van Driel as well, as he and I have often talked of the shift from the web of documents to its doppelgänger, "the web" as a assemblage of interconnected APIs.

#opendata   #seo   #mobile  
According to Pete Campbell, the future of SEO will revolve around advising brands on their open data strategy via apps that leverage open data through API's
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+Michael Andrews From a content perspectrive, APIs aren't a location that can be tapped, but a distribution and serialization mechanism. Their use doesn't preclude using them for publishing in the traditional sense (i.e. to a indexable and permalinked web location), but extends their usefulness to other applications (mobile applications, domain-specific devices, distributed content platforms, etc.).
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Aaron Bradley

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I'm excited to be hiring an experienced, enterprise-level SEO here at +Electronic Arts in Vancouver! Check out the description at the call-out link.

Not quite as experienced, but still interested in joining EA? There's an open SEO Strategist position as well:
Senior SEO Strategist. EA's Digital Content & Strategy group is looking for a Senior SEO Strategist to join the team. Reporting to the Manager of Digital Presence and Web Channel Strategy, you'll be the go-to individual at EA for all initiatives and processes related to organic search engine ...
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Most ridiculous things is that wel all love orange - what more is needed?
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Aaron Bradley

Discussion  - 
Modifying search results based on selection of one of the search results

Interesting discussion of the aforementioned Google patent from - who else? - the venerable +Bill Slawski.

Entity clusters? Bring 'em on - especially if the clusters in question are Turtles™ or Almondillos™. :)
Queries and Known Entities Google Search Engineer Paul Haahr gave a presentation at SMX in March titled How Google Works, and he shared some interesting information about how Google processed queries. He told us, for instance, that Google would often look to see if a query was associated with an entity, or as he puts …
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Then looking which entity is is linkded to search query - High PR and semantic combined - Semantic Page Rank filtered out by AI - that will become the future - relevant entities covered with high value content on trusted sites - => ranking real not fake sites => all comes down on being real and truseful according to David Amerland
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Aaron Bradley

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The new functionality that allows you to deconstruct (and even alter) the parameters in a URI is very cool.
OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer 2.11 is out!

Pleased to announce immediate availability of the latest release of our Structured Data Sniffer Browser Extension for Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Vivaldi. Key new features include:

[1] Web Services Console -- breaks up URLs in your address bar and presents a form where each parameter and field combination is presented as a field and value combination; thus, you can tweak parameters and resend messages back to the server

[2] User Identity Toggling -- enabling you set a preferred User ID (a/k/a WebID) that's added to HTTP requests; naturally, this is useful for interacting with servers that implement resource access controls esp., more sophisticated variants that understand data access policies represented using abstract RDF Language statements.

Blog Post about the release: .

/cc +Aaron Bradley +Barbara Starr +David Amerland +Dan Brickley +Emeka Okoye +Teodora Petkova +Melvin Carvalho +Bill Slawski 
Here’s a quick note about some exciting new features added to the latest release of OSDS, the OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer browser…
View original post
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Aaron Bradley

Structured data markup  - 
Key Structured Data Events

The other artifact from my #SMX presentation today.

This Google Sheet lists dates for each structured data development relevant to search engines, along with announcement links, reference links and discussion links.

Ping me if you find any errors or omissions. This is a resource I hope to keep updated.
Key Structured Data EventsMain Table Item, Announcement Date, Effective Date, Announcement URL 1, Announcement URL 2, Reference URL 1, Reference URL 2, Discussion URL 1, Discussion URL 2, Vocabulary or Standard, Syntax( es) or Format( s), Organization, Notes Google introduces rich snippets( review and people rich snipp...
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"will RankBrain ... will have any impact on using Wikidata links in schema LocalBusiness and/or ProfessionalServices?"

None whatsoever.

"Seems that this has historically been used a lot for categorization, which has changes in terms of best practices."

I don't know the antecedent for "this" in the above sentence. If RankBrain that is not the case - that is not what RankBrain does. See:

The RankBrain Survival Guide
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Aaron Bradley
owner  - 
JSON-LD and Google Tag Manager: BFF

A detailed post from +Chris Goddard on how to generate in JSON-LD using Google Tag Manager.

Nice to see the groundwork set by +Mike Arnesen ("the Arnesen method") being further developed by others!

#schemaorg   #jsonld   #googletagmanager  
Implementing Schema used to require a lot of changes to your site's markup, but the JSON-LD format created a great alternative to adding microdata to a page with minimal code. This post details how to make it even easier to dynamically generate tags for your site using Google Tag Manager.
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(Damn you Markus Lanthaler, Niklas Lindström, Manu Sporny, Gregg Kellogg and Dave Longley for having authored a syntax that's so useful that it makes it difficult to turn one's back on it, even when there's reasons one might want to do so

Haha... thanks :-)
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Aaron Bradley

Discussion  - 
EXTRA: rule-based text categorization for news publishers

Interesting initiative from the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) to develop an "open source software library for rules-based classification of text."

_ EXTRA is an open source, rules-based, classification system for annotating news documents with high-quality subject tags, regardless of language. Such tags allow publishers to deliver a variety of valuable services including content recommendations, improved advertising targeting and subject-specific content streams, such as alerts and topic pages._

Unlike hand-tagging, EXTRA’s rules-based system will allow publishers to tag their news content with consistent tags, at speed and at scale. Unlike statistical approaches, which often require numerous annotated examples, EXTRA’s rules-based system allows publishers to rapidly adapt to breaking news and low-frequency topics.

IPTC's +Stuart Myles is leading the charge on this initiative, and encourages interested parties to get involved. You can see his brief deck on the project here:

There's a Google component to this as well, insofar as initial development efforts are being funded by Digital News Initiative Innovation Fund (, to the tune of €50,000.
IPTC EXTRA - The EXTraction Rules Apparatus. EXTRA is an open source software library for rules-based classification of text. EXTRA is being developed by the IPTC, with initial work being funded by a grant from the Digital News Initiative. Learn more about EXTRA and how you can get involved!
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I'll be curious if the output of the taxonomy will be in NewsML-G2 XML format, or something else.
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Aaron Bradley

Discussion  - 
Contextual Computing with Knowledge Graphs and the Web of Entities

Not-to-be missed free webinar from +Richard Wallis on Wed., 13 July @ 9:00 AM PT.

No leaf page so description of the session below; registration at the link:

Structured web data enables us to communicate to search engine algorithms the things that humans understand implicitly. Using, over 12 million sites are already enabling their pages in this way, and as this onward drive continues, a new web is emerging: the Web of Entities. Knowledge Graphs use these entities to power new contextual applications and capabilities. By mapping the entity types identified in questions and queries, to instances of them in their knowledge graphs, we can create applications that provide seamless customer interactions and experiences. But where next? The exponentially growing Web of Entities has the potential to lead the way to Cognitive Computing, using pattern recognition to mimic the way the human brain works.

#knowledgegraphs   #entities   #schemaorg
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Great line-up of speakers and topics. Looking forward to it!
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Aaron Bradley

Discussion  - 
How Google May Map a Query to an Entity for Suggestions

Another fine Google patent analysis by +Bill Slawski.

And a timely one, as he ties the patent discussed to the recent story by +SourceFed on Google's "manipulation" of autocomplete suggestions for "hillary clinton" - one deliciously and thoroughly debunked by +Rhea Drysdale (

Bill's conclusion regarding the Clinton case?

"Google wasn’t purposefully avoiding a topic; it was just using words it preferred to use to offer as a query suggestion."

#entities   #autocomplete   #patents   #google  
How Google may Map a query to an entity can be influenced by knowledgebase properties and by trends.
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Aaron Bradley

Rich and structured snippets  - 
Nice to see a coherent article on the subject of rich results posted on a content strategy blog - in fact, a more coherent treatment of the subject than has been provided by many search marketers. :) Fine work by +Kristen Hicks.

Not that - as evidenced by the many and welcome contributions by +Michael Andrews here, and the many well-informed discussions on matters of structure that take place on the Content Strategy Community ( - content strategists are slouches when it comes to structured data markup. And those from a technical writing background, especially, have a lot to teach ye olde SEOs about structured authoring - something of which I was largely embarrassingly ignorant until I had the good fortune to start engaging with knowledgeable content strategists.

#contentstrategy   #richresults   #richcards   #richsnippets   #richitellsyarich  
Learn how to take advantage of rich search results on Google with these five strategies– Content Marketing Institute
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