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Aaron Bradley
Search and internet marketer, semantic web stringer
Search and internet marketer, semantic web stringer

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Google introduces rich results for podcasts

A new data type has appeared in the Google reference library of structured data types: podcasts.

The introductory paragraph for this data type is a pretty good summary of what these results look like, and their current limitations:

You can enable your podcast to appear in Google Search results along with individual episode descriptions and an embedded player for each. This feature applies only to searches in the Google Search app v6.5 or higher on an Android device or on Google Home. We hope to add support for Chrome on Android soon.

Uniquely for recently-added rich results in Google this feature does not rely on, but instead leverages RSS feeds.

Previously Google had extended RSS 2.0 "to define additional elements and attributes" so that publishers could add their podcasts to the Google Play Music Podcast Portal. Those feed requirements can be found here:

The podcast data type further extends this RSS to include iTunes by the use of an itunes: prefix to relevant elements (the feed example declares not only the ../play-podcasts/1.0 namespace, but the iTunes ../podcast-1.0.dtd namespace as well).

In other words, and much more simply, this data type supports podcasts that are distributed either Google Play or iTunes (as well as those published only on individual websites, if I'm reading the requirements correctly). :)

A search feature sure to be embraced by podcasters! And interesting, too, that this is integrated into Google Home (

#podcasts #googleplay #itunes #rss

Post has attachment release v3.2 on deck

As per the message from +Dan Brickley at the call-out link, an update to is now queued for review, with a target release date of 15 March 2017.

Details here:

Notable additions and revisions:

* Addition of a Menu schema, "A structured representation of food or drink items available from a FoodEstablishment."
* Broadening of the about property to be applicable for Event; broadening of the genre property to be applicable for BroadcastChannel
* Moving Course terms from pending to core
* Addition of terms to pending (, including a large number of items proposed by the FIBO (Financial Industry Business Ontology) Community Group


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Datasets: not just for science anymore

Very minor changes to the Google page for datasets on 23 February 2017:

* Renamed from "Science Datasets" to "Datasets"
* Addition of a note that it can be "useful to create a sitemap file to better help search engine crawlers find your URLs.


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Semantic SEO and Knowledge Graph for Digital Marketing

If you happen to be in Lagos on 3 March +Emeka Okoye will be providing "an advanced level masterclass that introduces attendees on how to use Google’s Knowledge Graph to power their SEO, search and marketing strategies."

As I rather doubt many Community members will be in Lagos during this time, hoping that Emeka will have a deck that he can share with us all after the presentation. :)

#semanticsearch #semanticseo #googleknowledgegraph

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Work in progress

Working on my SMX West presentation. Not sure this approach is going to pan out, but worth giving it a shot, eh? :)

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Getting started with JSON-LD

A solid guide from Alexis Sanders of +Merkle.

#jsonld #structureddata #schemaorg

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Is a local business rich card on the way?

As noted by +Brad Brewer in this brief LinkedIn article, rich cards for hotels are now poised to roll out (I say "poised to roll out" because, despite the article headline, the card is a preview - Brad?).

What I find of particular interest here (re my parenthetical comment above) is that as yet there's no official markup guidelines for accommodations, but there's now a supported preview via the Structured Data Testing Tool.

The TL;DR here being I think there's a good chance that this is not a preview for a hotel specifically, but for a local business rich card.

Why? Because you can take the code ( and modify the type, and you still get a rich card preview (you just get errors for accommodation-specific properties being declared for a non-accomodation type).

See screenshot in my own comment to this post. And thanks Mr. Brewer!

#richcards #structureddata #schemaorg

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"State of Jason-LD in 2017" *

Nice succinct update from our friend +Gregg Kellogg on where JSON-LD is at, how it's being used, and where it's going.

* H/T +Martha van Berkel / +Mark van Berkel / +Hunch Manifest Inc, creators of Schema App. This update's title is the anchor text for the link to Gregg's deck on the Schema Markup News Round Up for February 8th, 2017 ( - do not change it Van Berkels, it's priceless! :)

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Thank you!

On behalf of +Jarno van Driel and myself, I'd like to thank everyone for making this such a strong community, which has just surpassed 10,000 members (I remember making a quip about the devil when we hit 666 members:).

The strength of any community, real or virtual, is the degree to which its members participate, and Semantic Search Marketing is lucky to have so many people willing to share their time and knowledge.

We're also made stronger from the mix of participants we have in this community, from interested beginners, to seasoned webmasters, to the developers and researchers building the very protocols and products that are the bread and butter of this Community's discussions.

So thanks to you all - living proof that Google+ isn't entirely dead. :)

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" a de facto vocabulary for structured data on the web"

Deck that +Richard Wallis presented yesterday at Smart Data/Graphorum 2017.

Richard, who has been working with Google on, does a great job of illustrating how the vocabulary is helping to build "the web of entities".

#schemaorg #structureddata
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