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Welp, I just cried my eyes out...

I'm curling my hair with my left hand, and social networking with my right. I'm going to go to my friends' commencement... and THEN I'm going to take a potato chip... AND EAT IT.

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I wanna be in the #AskConan Hangout!

I know absolutely nothing about politics.

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Hey, everybody. If you could please consider joining this with me, and telling your friends about it, that would be great!

Who in their right mind, besides Hannibal Lecter, would pair liver with white wine?

just experienced the wonder that is coffee-flavored jelly beans. I would encourage everyone else to do so, too.

full screen is now presentation mode? what what google chrome what?

Just found out some of my childhood toys are limited edition and worth something. Too bad my sister stole them and gave them to her ex-boyfriend's siblings a while back. #siblingrivalry #pissedoff
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