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Someone who likes hedgehogs
Someone who likes hedgehogs


Test Review Answer Key

1. logging, introduction of non-native species and fragmentation by highways and suburbs

2. Dry, sandy and poor when it comes to nutrients

3.Oil pollution, toxic pollution all pollution really

4.tropical rain forest = 25-27 degrees C
   tundra = -26-4 degrees C

5. The area gets little rain so it can only support grass no trees.

6. standing water and running water

7. A Marsh is primarily made of grass whereas a swamp is mainly large trees both have little land.  

8. Lobsters, clams anything that lives on the bottom of a lake.

9. changes in temperature,  constant changes in saltinity and constant mixing in water.

10. Above and on the continental shelf.

11.  Zooplankthae live in coral polyps and eat coral waste then giving coral food from their waste (something like that)

12.  A semi-desert 

Test Review-12 questions

1.Name two  human effects on the deciduous forest biome.

2.  What is the soil like in the desert?

3. Name a human effect in the Oceans.

4. What is the average range of temperature for tropical rain forests? for the Tundra?

5. How are grasslands created?

6. What are the two types of freshwater biomes?

7. What is the difference between a marsh and a swamp?

8.Give two examples of Benthos. 

9. What must animals living in a Estuaries be prepared for?

10. Where is the Neritic zone located?

11. What is the mutualistic relationship that takes place in coral?

12. If the temperature was decreased and the rainfall was increased in a temperate desert then what would it become?

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Taraxippus(φάντασμα) A ghost that frightens horses and Pegasus so when ever your saddling up or whatever watch out! The last thing we need is a camper who got kicked by a spooked pegasus

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Cabin Banner

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Karkinos (καβούρι) is a large crab which has a large constellation in the sky referred to in English as Cancer. These are usually found in or near beaches although sometimes on cruise ships. Their claws which both very sharp and large are nothing to mess with. They have a hard exoskeleton but a soft vulnerable underbelly.

Hey and welcome to the Hermes cabin! I am your counselor Jake Elfar. Here's the kitchen area complete with a fridge a sink and a few special surprises  This is the common area a few nice comfy couches and a  fireplace. Out here s the patio with a splendid view of the lake and a good place to spy on the Aphrodite cabin. If we go back by the kitchen there is the entry door, my room and a computer room with hacking guides pick pocket simulators and everything any Hermes kid could want.  Up the stairs we have the bunks were you will sleep. The bathroom is up there too.

1.D Hermes, Apollo and Hades

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How about this except maybe a bit larger?

Name: Jake Elfar
Appearance: Blond Hair sort of to the side
Height: 5 foot 1
Age: 13
Attitude: idk normally?
Strengths: Fast good climber
Weakness: Strength (not very strong)
Likes: Hedgehogs and Dinosaurs
Dislikes: Computer Games
Powers: None really
Weapons: Dagger and some throwing knives
Pets two pet hedgehogs
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