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Clarion Hotel and Casino Near Las Vegas Strip
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This place has closed. Not true?
305 Convention Center Dr Las Vegas, NV 89109
305 Convention Center DriveUSNevadaLas Vegas89109
(702) 952-8000
Hotel, Casino
Walking distance to Las Vegas Convention Center and Las Vegas Strip, Clarion Hotel is minutes from McCarran International Airport. This pet-friendly hotel near the Strip has an on-site casino.
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"The tub was brand New n great water pressure."
"My money went missing at the last minute."
"We moved to Circus Circus and that was SOOOO much better."
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Steve Hollingsworth's profile photo
Steve Hollingsworth
a year ago
So far, so good. I'm in a very nice room--spacious, clean, well-equipped. The staff I have dealt with have been helpful and friendly. Pool and fitness room are 24/7. I'm sure it survives on convention business, so right now it's rather dead, but I got a fair deal on price. You see casino in the name, but if that's what you are here for, you'll be totally disappointed.
Kriztel Melendres
6 months ago
hi my name is gayle so wthat is your name i am 24
Mary Krumpelman's profile photo
Mary Krumpelman
2 years ago
Room was very comfortable. Had a queen suite. Had more to. Didn't hear neighbors, it was very quiet. This hotel doesn't have bells n whistles n off main strip. It was worth taking a chance but it did have the clarion name. Bed was comfy n clean. Wallpaper n carpet could use a fresh up. The tub was brand New n great water pressure. I got a great price n not disappointed with my choice. Will defiantly stay there at s in. Staff was great as well.
Maggie Danhieux
2 years ago
We stayed over for the convention this weekend and had to say it was really bad. I was robbed. My money went missing at the last minute. They cleaned our room and it clearly says if you put your towels in the floor you will get clean ones, never did. I actually took a video of a roach crawling near the restaurant area, ewww. Not to mention their restaurant had a C rating. One of our co-workers didn't even get under sheets on her bed. We were looking forward to swim or hand out at the pool and even that was broke and had caution tape (hello it was 90 + degrees, they should that get that fixed. We rented Six Rooms you'd figure they would accommodated us a little better. We only went there because it was close to the convention, walking distance.
• • •
marcia w.'s profile photo
marcia w.
a year ago
we walked into the OLD lobby and it smelled like cigars/cigarettes which was overwhelming for me as i'm a non-smoker and react physically to smoke.. (yeah i know, it's a part of Vegas, so i just had to deal). there were some issues during our check in process b/c we did things a bit different (we had 3 free nights thanks to choice privileges reward points, and we're paying for the last 2 nights w/ credit, BUT i also had $35 in cash coupon vouchers from choice privileges and the guy didn't know how to do those even tho directions for it were on the back of the papers. anyway, we get into the old elevators to the 4th floor. we walk down a corridor to our room and we couldn't get in our room at 1st! this was another worry of mine b/c i read how people couldn't get in their rooms b/c the room keys weren't done right... so he immediately calls the front desk and a man comes to see us a few mins later. he explains that the handles have to be pulled UP instead of DOWN. i dunno y the front desk couldn't just tell us that on the phone! we walk in and it's not *horrible* but it's not ideal either.. i was worried b/c i read how people who had non-smoking rooms, their rooms reeked of cigarettes! so i thought the same might happen to us, as it is Vegas where smoking is freely allowed but thankfully the room didn't smell :).. the carpet is stained (and keep in mind, pets are allowed here, so u gotta wonder what those stains are!) and in our room, the carpet was poorly covered up w/ scraps to 'fix' holes (GHETTO!).. the sink is *outside* the bathroom which we're not thrilled w/ (we're germophobes and very much like having the sink/vanity in the same room as the toilet!). we noticed there's a slight sewer smell that comes from the toilet i think, at random times, i dunno y that happened, but be aware of it.. the TV is a box kind (as in not a flat screen) so when we turned on the TV, some channels like CNN (i think) were fuzzy and static :/// and the channels are mostly news stuff (NOT a fan) so even tho i'm a TV addict, i didn't watch a single show of mine during the whole week! there were 2 king beds w/ okay comforter tops (i can't deal w/ the color green so i was worried there'd be green), we were told we'd have 2 king beds so at least this part of the reservation was fulfilled.. we had a 'view' of a garage parking lot.. there was a square dorm size fridge provided, note that there's no microwave in the rooms (but there r microwaves available in the casino room by the vending machines). everything leading to the room was really outdated!! w/ all the mixed reviews of *horrible* and *decent*, i was literally scared of our room the whole time leading up to being there! so we seemed to luck out sorta w/ what we ended up w/.. and considering the extra low cost for 5 nights, we really did have a good room.. but good luck to everyone who comes to this hotel.. a few more things - the casino room is really small and pretty low-class honestly, their machines are kinda old and not appealing (dumb gimmicky machine themes), but it's the only casino setting we gambled in, $5 each max. we both won a bit and put it back into the machines.. their version of a 'buffet/food court' is vending machines against the wall. the wifi in the room was fine, and free.
• • •
a year ago
I reserved 2 rooms on Saturday for the following Saturday. Cancelled on Wednesday. I was charged on Thursday for the rooms and told I had to wait until Tuesday to get my money back. Not Good! I have banned this hotel from our corporate list. No one in my corporation will be using them again. You don't take money AFTER they have cancelled. You take the money when they arrive. Bad practice that questions there ethics. To top it, I couldn't reserve online because there new website kept failing on me. Then I get on the phone just to get a run around about my discount just to find 30 minutes later that I do get the discount and the newbie didn't know what he was doing. Oh by the way your discount keeps you from getting any points. Don't recall that in the sales pitch for the corporate discount card. Bad practice all the way around showing that customer service is not a priority in this company.
• • •
Luke DeWitt's profile photo
Luke DeWitt
2 years ago
Cmon guys, this place is insanely cheap. If you want to be treated like a king go spend more than 20 bucks for a room. That being said, we had a great experience. Front desk service was very helpful and friendly. Had good parking options, felt safe leaving the van outside. The rooms were very well furnished, with nice lamps and wallpaper. Free wifi was great, we got two free show tickets with each room, the pool/hot-tub were super nice, and there was a room where you could print for free. Water pressure was good in the shower. Gym was good. Location was convieniant. The A/C didn't work especially well in our room, and the TV turned on by itself once. So that was eerie.
• • •
Brian Balboni
2 years ago
My experience at this hotel was absolutely terrible. I have never been inside a more disgusting hotel in my entire life. Not only did my bedsheets have blood spots on them, the carpets were torn and stained, and on top of all of that... we found ticks in our bed. It gets better. We called down to the front desk where the lady asked us if she could see the tick after saying "that is disgusting". Good thing I decided to catch the tick in a water bottle to make sure it was a tick before I made a big deal about it. I brought the tick down to the front desk, and was then offered free breakfast for the rest of my stay. Breakfast not only was just $5.55 a person, but why would I want to eat in the restaurant INSIDE the hotel after finding a tick in my bed - who knows what else is crawling around throughout the entire building. They also offered all the water drinks and snacks we thank you. After we had to ASK for a new room, she searched and searched and finally found an open room that was an upgrade from the one we were staying in. After letting us know how much more money the room was that they were going to give us, she let us stay in it because it was the only room open. She then told us to come back the following morning to talk to the manager about receiving a refund. We didn't make it back in time, but when we did get to the front desk the "front desk supervisor" said she had to make a phone call to the manager and ask and she would call up to our room afterwards. She called 10 minutes later saying she could take $10 off for the previous night and for that night. I said no thank you I would like something more than that. So they refunded me the money for the first night we stayed, which of course was the cheapest. We also paid for 2 hotel rooms this weekend. She explained for us to call back during the week to talk to the actual manager about the issue and so we did, and after playing phone tag for over a week now the problem still isn't resolved. The manager, Katie, was extremely rude on the phone and kept explaing that she "already refunded the money for one of the nights" and "gave you a new room isn't that what you wanted?" Um no... what we really wanted was a new hotel but it was pouring rain and we were tired and didnt want to have to deal with taking ALL of our stuff and moving to a new hotel. She finally agreed to take one more night off, which was okay I guess... but instantly, my credit card was CHARGED $60.00, not refunded. I called right back as soon as I noticed and the manager suddenly is busy and can't come to the phone and for us to call back. Absolutely RIDICULOUS...DISGUSTING....and worst customer service I have ever received before. No other words to describe it. I don't recommend this hotel to anyone, unless you are looking for insects, prostitutes, drug deals, and cigarette smoke floating throughout the hotel from the casino.
• • •