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Yuki Togawa
"Peace is not a mere absence of violence. It is a simple bi-product of humanity's moderate, modest, centered, balanced, polite, non-ethnocentric intellectual sustainable gentle ways of living."    - Yuki Togawa

Aloha! Yoroshiku onegai moushi agemasu. Pleasure is all mine to get to know you! Try reading this when you have plenty of time. If you do not like to read or write... best you give up on getting to know me. Laughing are you? Good.

When was the last time you came to the Big Island and dived into the graceful island ways? It is almost impossible for me to be more than a year away from Hawaii. I love the rainy side of the Big Island, the Windward side of Oahu and the people that maintain a set of the traditional values. We should go together  a few times so that you get the feel of what I write here if you have not touched the center part of Hawaii.

If you haven't ever... Oh my... You should come swim with the sea turtles and study the Hawaiian ways. From someone firm, loving and non-commercial as Kumu Hula 'Iwalani Kalima, the Founder of Hula Hālau O Kou Lima Nani E. She was born and raised in Keaukaha Homestead in Hilo, Hawai'i. She humbles me and she makes me feel small in front of nature and yet be a part of it. Her hula roots stem back from her great-grandmother Kapeka, who was a chanter for Queen Lili’uokalani, and her grandfather Joseph Nohea Kalima Sr., who composed the famous mele “Hilo Hula”. ‘Iwalani began dancing at the age of eight, under the direction of Uncle George Lanakilakeikiahiali’i Na’ope. We can learn the names of the native plants and the stories that go with them. The last time I talked to her, she was finding ways to plant and grow hula related plants and flowers in a small island in Japan. What a Kumu! Having hula students in massive numbers as some is one thing, but to bring the plants to another island far away to bring the values and harmony... that is another level of a life as a Kumu. I met Iwalani Kalima (her photo is found above) through an odd event on Thanksgiving of 2000. I was admiring her uncle,  Norman Kalima's, piano and voice at the Naniloa Volcanoes Resort Hotel. I was just passing by as a visitor to University of Hawaii Hilo Marine Biology Department. I wonder if some of you would recall, there used to be a white grand piano at the bar. I sat next to the piano listening to his exquisite piano which is clearly classic trained but with a Hawaiian under layer. It blew my mind listening to his piano and voice. It has the same emotional impact as listening to the ocean. Well, I did not realize who I was speaking to back then... I am slowly but surely getting to know this family. If we ever go to Hawaii together, we can stay at Aaron's Cottage, two blocks away from the Halau. Aaron's cottage is across the street from a Hawaiian charter school where kids start their day with a Hawaiian chant where there campus is waterfront property. Aaron's cottage is a song away from the sea turtles' eating ground. You really must come :) 

So we have met. Google is a hippy flowing place. I adore the goat at Googleplex that some how compliment their Bloom Boxes. Speaking of Google... Larry and Gijira Brilliant gave me new breath in life. By chance, I ended up fundraising at Youssoupha Sidibe's Berkeley concert with Mr & Mrs Wavy Gravy for SEVA Foundation... Wavy Gravy's poetry was my genuine lecture Level 100 of 21st Century Philanthropy. I had no idea again, who I was getting to know back then... The concept of Google gives simple mechanics to the general mass to formulate new ways and new energy to give life in a desert with sufferings. It is the self developing tools to awareness and redefining of light. It is pure pleasure to come across you and so many that work on awareness here in Google. My participation in Google networking is the best thing that ever happened to me. I know you are smiling at this paragraph. 

I particularly enjoy individuals and organizations with 21st century potentials that overlap conscious business. My Google profile "about" page is offered to all of my blessed encounters so that everyone has some idea of me. Please feel free to ask any questions at any depth after reading this page.

Some of you have breath taking track record of healthy and clean usage of funding. I take great joy in working together with individuals, organizations, NPO, and NGO that focus in umbrella causes that along with them would simultaneously solve smaller issues in efficiency. It is a more effective way of building wellness in our rather complex modern life. 

My Longing for Global Minimum Wage --- We know that the global investors would never allow such a thing but it makes me happy to believe that one day regardless of where we live, our intelligence and effort will be compensated at a more reasonable scale and balance:) Human marginalization including women, children, migrant, immigrant, minority, and the acts of profiting from human trafficking, child trafficking, organ trafficking, modern day slavery are all unacceptable for me. I genuinely believe that anyone who profits from such activities in any extent deserve a life time imprisonment. There is no such thing as "second chance" to such abusive people. I worship the set of words, "Equal Existence Value" 

As you might have guessed by now, you are safe to say that my mind works like a global environmental economist, a humanist, eco-feminist, anthropologist, with state-of-the-art media background, product developer's mentality rather than an investment consultant, a grant writer or an activist. I have enjoyed and graduated from purely maximizing profit and allowing banks to prosper without proper intelligence. I am also done with being dependent on repetitive grants with unreasonable guidelines that are often subject to sudden budget cuts that did not allow you a chance to work with local economy and profit sectors. I am also bored with competing, trapping, setting up, manipulating oppositions for the sake of power maintenance. I have no appreciation to win-lose competitions. There is only one source of energy and it is painful to split it up into small chunks... I am constantly seeking ways to modify perceptions so that I can see the common flow of things that appear different and unable to agree at first glance to eventually mutually benefit some cosmos amount, to try to understand, to give myself long term assessment tools rather than to rush a conclusion. I feel in life, I have too often thrown away big chunks of silver when I was hunting for gold. It is a sad social epidemic that we either choose leaders that represent money or law.

Why Live Such a Complicated Life? - My life has forced me to become a strategic negotiator for private sectors, religious organizations, foundations, and federations. Abusive power players always have two sides and one is always soft and it is up to those that organize philanthrocapitalism or conscious business to find that soft belly without alerting the power holder.. If we know how to approach or educate intellectual and emotional power players, to offer an attractive platform to mark a mile stone that gives life and colors enriching the history of human kinship, any level of philanthropy can be practiced. I never planned to become a negotiator nor did I select academic emphasis with such intention. I had no choice but to mold my life this way in order to give my coworkers, clients and family access to a wider spectrum of resources. Life has been painfully challenging but it has turned out to be meaningful and joyful. 

What is Conscious Business? --- We all tried sacrificing integrity to get to financial resources but when we do that, our real voices tend to fade away into the background. Did you experience that? If you are staying at locally owned B&B or estates rather than to stay at huge chain hotels, you know very well the reasons behind that. My conclusion is be exceptionally careful in selecting residence, banks, business partners, capitalists and mentors. I was shocked to see so many to ignore anthropological/ environmental ethics and push away with profit seeking. The key words are "sustainable living". I stopped blaming on the racing driver (elected leader) sitting in the broken car (non-functioning nation). Each and every one of us are the parts to the car and we all have a role to play.

In some microscopic scale, I am learning on a daily from those that carefully incorporate philanthrocapitalism led by conscious leadership, adopting a higher purpose that transcends profit maximization without sacrificing integrity, and focus on delivering meaningfulness to all of its affiliations by aligning interests of organizations, market, and most importantly the community. It is my dearest hope to work with professionals that emphasize to environmental & health impact, social and anthropological understanding rather than to live the dinosaur life of maximizing profit.

I am not the only one that feels 2011 is a critical year, a pivot year for humanity. I look forward to exploring possibilities and making strikingly attractive progress with breath taking performance professionals and individuals. Yes, that is you. Out of some 4,000 contacts I have a year, you are hand selected to be in here. Some of you might have practiced serendipity to find me. By all means, let's explore the possibilities.

Yuki Togawa

Je suis un pirate femme moderne déguiser en costumes d'affaires.

Mi piace mangiare gamma organico gratuita, non i pesci d'allevamento e verdure per lo più organici.

Jeg vil ikke eje et køretøj, medmindre den har en brint motor.

I am a Japanese nationality, born in Yukigaya, Ohta-ku, Tokyo, educated in UK, USA and Japan with a Buddhist, Shinto, Roman Catholic, Tibetan Buddhist, Konko and Soka Gakkai influence. I was born and raised by an educated family that financially failed and I do not affiliate well with that identity at this time being. I do not use my birth sir name today. My biological parents and I are rebuilding a polite relationship. After the Tsunami Earthquake 2011, I could not help but worry about their safety and health decline due to the fact that they live close to the epicenter. So they are just reentering my life right now. I hope to hold polite and meaningful friendship with them while we are still alive together on this planet. Although they have failed as parents in my eyes, they are still a friend and I look forward to learning and finding a healthy way to relate to each other with respectful boundaries. It seems relationships do not end... they just change, even if there is death involved.

I was born a woman that love women. From social pressure, I did give several established educated male friends a long term try but I just can not feel intimate to them regardless of how much of a good friend they may be to me. I have been legally single my entire life but did enjoy co-parenting with both male and female partners. As a result I have lived a parent life as a guardian to 5 children (all grown up, 3 girls and 2 boys) that live in Japan and EU. I am happy to have polite relationships with them all. No, I am not a male locked up in a biological female body. I do not want to become what people often refer to as "straight male" or "bisexual male". I don't find it romantic with the thought of becoming a "man" My preference in the state of mind and body is androgyny. The extreme ends of feminism and masculinity do not seem to be a smashing attraction to me. 

I take time making friends and I do not allow people into my center circle. I do not mind having only a few quality friends although it is not easy keeping up with my old friends. Those that have attended private dormitory schools would know what that means. After our graduation ceremony, it is very hard to get together. I have high school classmates in over 110 countries. I have lived in USA, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Hong Kong (before 1972), and Japan. My biological parents are alive and my lesbian second mother is also active and well. I have one sister from one family and several more brothers and sisters that I can not reveal here due to the fact that my second mother is a celebrity and a public figure icon of the LGBT community in Japan.

My work is my life and my life is my work. I see any life form as value of equal existence and no life form any inferior to another. A child in my arm and a suffering child at a conflict zone, a human trafficked child sitting in an animal cage are equally important to me. That sense of oneness is extremely rare these days and it makes me sad and at times angry. To see one life as important as yours. It is minimum requirement as my friend, coworker, co-investor and close one to know what kind of life that is and to be able to live in that platform of integrity on a daily. I am very selective and careful as to who I allow into my life.

I'd Rather go Beach Cleaning than Party 
I am sober 24 hours a day, 365 days of a year. Sitting in night clubs, conference, exhibitions, receptions and delivering speeches in front of an audience of talkers is boring for me. I am looking for DOers. Gather, plan and do! Do, do, and do! If you are carrying around a brief case, wearing leather shoes, hiding behind a computer desk in an air conditioned room more than a 100 days of a year, you may have some amazing statistics and theories, hypothesis and conclusions but likely we will not get along. I am expecting you to be a hands-on person, willing to come down to ground zero of your field and to know the real smells of life. If you are an activist of toxin free life and never been to radioactive or chemically degraded land, I ask that you do your footwork first before you consider talking to me on the same platform of life.

I have zero tolerance for the following;
marijuana, drugs, abuse of pills, all illegal activities
ruining of other people's lives and reputation
usage or study of any sized weapons for intent to kill
teaching the usage of weapon for non defensive capacity
practice of violence, verbal violence
man slaughter and wars
marginalization of human
selling human or any human organs
polluting of water, air and land, driving fuel inefficient vehicles
causing fear and hatred that lead to ignorance and segregation of people
lack of respect to education of foreign languages and values
degrading other spiritual practices
identifying oneself as a group of chosen people
lack of community participation
never fund raised for a cause [if you have helped a friend get to a job or job skill raining, I would consider it that you have helped a cause]
declining community service
negligence of minors seniors in one's neighbor
attachment to materialism
lack of the mental state of abundance
being manipulated by the mass media 
maintaining self denial of intellectual poverty
being egoistic 
never studying the level of bias to recorded history
Final Note
Humanity’s endeavor to attain genuine equality seems to be never, ever finished and frankly speaking, it is rarely easy and manageable, despite how self-evident it should be. Especially for women and feminists. It seems the discovery and emergence of the "genuinely feminine" is conceptualized as an independent isolated force, silenced and unable to reach expression under the plastic concept "patriarchy" which today is only a representation of greed, violence and hatred. 

We all know from our history and with our wasted own blood that the wisest hardest-fought nonviolent battles often that are time consuming have the biggest impact.  I am truly happy to be living in an era with you when each and every one of us will recommit ourselves to building a future in which every person, “every single person” can live in dignity, free from discrimination, free from violence, free from manipulation, free to be themselves, free to live up to their birth given maximum potential wherever they live and whoever they are.

I get along with people that intentionally build their awareness and knows with their own personal experience that life is a book and if you have lived in one country your entire life, you are reading only one page of the book. It is truly rewarding to work and spend meaningful time with those that know that there are many ways to look at reality and it is up to us individuals to beat the bias we have inside.

If you must know my bla bla bla ______________________

Pioneering Consultant to Japan’s LGBT Wedding and Honeymoon Tourism to Tokyo, SF, Hawaii

Currently translating while archiving the entire USA LGBT history into Japanese

Former Lobbying Assistant to Automatic Finger Identification System developed in Japan, currently installed in major PD and SO in USA.

Former Weapon Procurement Negotiator into Japan 

Former International Policy Analyst for a commodity importing and processing industry association

Former Press Interpreter, Yoshiro Nakamatsu Campaign Office

Former Formula 1 Race Press Center Host, Soichiro Honda, Honda Engineering 

Former Diplomatic Interperter, Embassy of Myanmar & MCG Japan

Former Negotiator, Tibet Culture Center, Tokyo and an elected Member of Parliament for the Government in Exile for Tibet

Former VIP Lounge Host, Suntory Japan Open, Ariake Collosium

Former Fundraising Negotiator, UNICEF Japan & Galleria Prova, Torrenz Llado Collection

Onsite Rescue Specialist for Human Trafficked Victims - this is why my life is confidential.

Grand Daughter to Organizer of 1964 Tokyo Olympics, first Judo Inclusion

Daughter to an Executive that privatized Japan Airlines, Adviser to Chair of Japan Airlines Trading

Daughter to the 1st female car racer of Japan

Daughter to LGBT Icon celebrity-author of Japan

Classmate of Princess Kiko Akishinonomiya, Year of Firehorse of Gakushuin the Imperial School of Japan

Mahalo for reading, gorenraku omachi moushi agemasu. Make me sigh. Each encounter has a special place. Let your feelings flow out. Me hace suspirar. Cada encuentro tiene un lugar especial. Deje que sus sentimientos fluyenGør mig suk. Hvert møde har en særlig plads. Lad dine følelser flyde ud. Fais-moi soupirer. Chaque rencontre a une place spéciale. Laissez vos sentiments s'écouler. Mi fanno sospirare. Ogni incontro ha un posto speciale. Lasciate che i vostri sentimenti defluireДа ме воздишка. Секоја средба има посебно место. Нека вашите чувства потекуваат. Gjør sukk meg. Hvert møte har en spesiell plass. La følelsene strømme ut. Сделай меня вздох. Каждая встреча имеет особое место. Пусть ваши чувства вытекать. Me hace suspirar. Cada encuentro tiene un lugar especial. Deje que sus sentimientos fluyenGör mig suck. Varje möte har en speciell plats. Låt dina känslor flöda ut.

Bragging rights
"The whole earth is in jail and we're plotting this incredible jailbreak." "We are all the same person trying to shake hands with our self. " by Wavy Gravy
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Yuki Togawa

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I am here at Google+ with you to learn to live meaningfully.

"Meaningfulness" by Yuki Togawa

Smile in the inside often and much

Win the respect of diligent and focused people and the affection of vulnerable people

Excavate pioneer spirits in the uneducated and marginalized

Earn the appreciation of balanced well informed critics

Convert negative to positive

Yield and let go than to cause friction

Bring light to darkness

Appreciate genuine beauty, gentleness and harmony

Anticipate and recognize the positive in everything

Not to suffer over my own created suffering; the difference between reality and my ideals

Lead the world with a bit better mannerism, whether by making your neighbor safe, putting a child to sleep in chaos, making an organic garden patch, replacing a tire, cleaning a neighbor’s kitchen or a shifted perception of the world.

Know that one life has breathed easier because you have lived

This is to have lived with meaningfulness.
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Yuki Togawa

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best flamenco video ever

Flamenco de Carlos Saura (1995)
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Yuki Togawa

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It is getting chilly these days. Please be kind to your time and health. I look forward to spending the season of sharing of 2013 with you. Let me know where you are, what you are planning to do in Nov and Dec that I should be joining you!
iqbal tajani's profile photo
Please send me detail about the work I am poor man I want a good job if you have any type Whatsup me 923088285671
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Yuki Togawa

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How much more to go with same sex marriage rights? Here are the facts by state. Please do what you can by sharing these facts.
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Yuki Togawa

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The Bulgarian man and his American husband were the first same-sex couple to get approval for a permanent resident visa after the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act.
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Yuki Togawa

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Binoculars from the Future: Supreme Court strikes down Defense of Marriage Act; DOMA

It isn't hyperbole to say that today is a one of the most important historical moments of the United States of America. San Francisco is breathing again as DOers and not just dreamers. San Francisco has a core value, we don't just tolerate diversity but celebrates diversity every day. Marriage Equality is not an agenda to look back at and regret what we did not do or should have. It effects the delicate lives of millions of vulnerable people that may not have a voice. We are going to have to work harder and smarter. It is time to seal the deal. The Spanish and French have moved on. So will we, as a part of humanity. When humanity succeeds in marriage equality, we will not only change history in California. We will change the tone and tenor of this debate across not only America but the rest of the world. People are counting on us. We have done so much we have come so far. We have change the way people feel and the way people view members of the LGBTQQIA community. We have not finished the job. So, I am not applauding fully yet. 

The spirits of my first wife, my best friend that have ended their lives have been watching over me are here with me today here in San Francisco. My children, my current partner's children, our future children, our unborn children will be reading this part of US history of what happened today. Some of them are not here yet, but in a way, they are watching us... from the future. Here we are, as humanity. We've been tried for civil rights movements, each and every case, those principles as human. I am proud to be here in San Francisco to witness a fascinating pivot point of history. I just got off the 33 Muni Bus and writing from the historical Women's Building at Valencia and 18th. 

I did not know what to say back then when the President of United States, using the State of Union, saying that we have to change the constitution because there is something inherently wrong with the constitution of United States. It is clear to my eyes that there is nothing in the United States constitution that allows us to discriminate anyone's life, based on not just race, ethnicity but sexual orientation. I thought the people of US that voted him in musty have lost their mind... Well, he failed to change the US constitution. Proposition 8 came up some four years later George Bush failed to change the constitution of US. Unfortunately, George's surrogates are still out there and they came to all places, State of California. Clearly with a typical false pretense, spending millions of dollars to get people waiting in lined for a movie to have them sign the petition to get Proposition 8 on the ballot. It was George Bush's ego that lingered on... Prop 8 was placed to do the work that he failed to do. 

Within those four years, we had a California legislature, representing the people of the State of California that didn't just once but twice said enough is enough and we stated clearly that we believe in same sex marriage and yet, surprisingly, had a Governor who not once but twice vetoed those legislative actions. At this time, I was starting to doubt the competence of California politics. We had a California Supreme Court with Ronald Reagan's own appointee. The Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court where every single member of their court, save one, had been a Republican appointee. Note this fact, Republican appointee. By majority opinion written by that same appointee of Ronald Reagan, said that there's nothing in the constitution the State of California that denies people equal protection of the law their right to get married.

So humanity, not just the LGBTQQIA community but as humanity we are going to do something about this. No matter what the consequences may be when standing up for the right thing, to love humanity as one. The unborn children from the future are using their binoculars to watch us. They are questioning our moral authority as a person not our formal authority as a title. It is critical, that we as human need to think on behalf of humanity, not just a narrow personal cultural point of view but to act upon one specie, Human. We need to start practicing to accept the otherness of others. It is not the elected officials that "lead" in the practical means. Living deep within the people of San Francisco, I now know for certain that the future generation through their "binoculars from the future" are finding leadership in our extraordinary courage in our people's ordinary days. Let's set the standard here as humanity to live as a example of how to feel, think and act not as a small subculture but as one.
We as humanity have work to do. Children always give us all they've got. Let's do the right thing, give them all we got this time.

Congratulation, State of California, the hard working Proposition 8 plaintiffs and those that will be able to move on a bit from this half way victory. 
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Yuki Togawa

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a message from His Holiness:

While murder, bullying, exploitation and scandal regularly make news, when thousands of children receive their mother’s care and affection every day it isn’t reported because we take it for granted. We may be subject to negative emotions, but it’s possible to keep them under control, to cultivate a sense of emotional hygiene, on the basis of human values that are rooted in that affection - what I call secular ethics.
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Ladies and Gentlemen, we now have Chai Feldblum as a member of my personal circle. I am hoping to bring her to Japan. Please welcome her warmly.
Chai Feldblum is EEOC Commissioner.

This is when and why I have come to respect her deeply. 
Chai Feldblum wants to "revolutionize social norms" about gay sex
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Yuki Togawa

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His Holiness the Dalai Lama speaking from Sera Monastery in South India about the best gift he can receive for his birthday in a short clip from his live video teleconference appearance via the internet at a celebration honoring his 78th Birthday held in Taiwan on July 6, 2013.
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Yuki Togawa

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How do you define Secular Ethics in Buddhism?
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