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I am in love with life.
I am in love with life.
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George Michael passed today December 25th in his home in England.

I seem to resonate with every word he sings. I have a feeling he has suffered pain immensely. I can feel it in his music.

As a discriminated tribal, female, LGBT community member, formerly child trafficked, adult trafficked, run away from an arranged marriage, debt bondage slave, I have silently loved a few highly established and promising people. I have walked away from all of them because of my self stigmatization in fear of harming the other with vicarious trauma and compassion stress.

Two essential figures in my life are leaving me and I have to pretend like I am going to be ok. I am not. I just lost my second mother in April. I feels like my chest is being ripped apart, a boat with no anchor, the sky with no stars, a thorough bread with no legs, a crane with no wings, a violin with no strings.

Every good thing in my life never lasts. This is why I didn't want to learn to open up and trust. I wanted to stay closed so that I will never feel loss. To be honest, I am jealous of George Michael that he is free now.

I am accepting of my sadness and constant pain. I share with you one of his best covered songs.
I can't make you love me.
No one sings it better than he does.

Listen to George Michael - I Can't Make You Love Me (live 1996) by georgemichaelfans_com #np on #SoundCloud

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Listen to Elènne - Bonana by Wonderlust #np on #SoundCloud

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Water and land is sacred.

I am friends with my agony and sleeplessness in this masterpiece.

Kant Sleep & Chaotix - Vacio by chinchilla #np on #SoundCloud

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Susan Sarandon, we don't have the luxury to be depressed.

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Huffington Post at Standing Rock

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Will you be there?

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Our future speak

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I transferred my money out of Wells Fargo to Central Pacific Bank.
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