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stop advertising - start NEURObranding
stop advertising - start NEURObranding


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The Secrets of strong Brands!

So, what is the secret behind brands? Why can we remember a product only by reading the slogan.

When you hear "think different" which products can you see in your brain? Right, it's Apple!

And what's with "just do it"? Exactely, the Nike sign is appearing in your brain!

I say you can see it in your brain - I don't say you see it before your eyes! That's already the secret of NEUROBRANDING, pictures are forming in your brain.You needn't to see it before your eyes, only the words create the right pictures and let you remember the suitable product.

That means, you have to find ways getting your product into the parts of the brain where these pictures are forming, and these are the unconscious parts of the brain where emotions are the leaders, and where the rational mind has no access. That`s, unfortunately, also the reason why physical attributes of your product have no access to the unconscious parts of the brain where all these fantastic pictures and stories are forming and stored.

So, advertising using "best ever quality", "most innovative technology", and "greatest service" aren't really effective, especially when stated as the only USP without an emotional link. The limbic structures in our brain cannot link a story or other emotional things to these rational stuff. On the other hand, emotions are absolutely needed to create a reward for the brain.

By the way, the brains only goal is getting rewards and thus it`s looking for signals in the environment which are promising the most possible reward. If your product is promising a strong reward to the brain - which means neurotransmitters are flooding your brain and making you feel good - then the conscious brain is finding an explanation why you do or don't things, for example BUYING!

So, what can you do to create an unforgettable picture in the brain of your target group? The answer is simple, we all are using it day by day, we all decide with our gut and justify with our mind. So, why aren't we using what has been working the last millions of years also in selling our products? Why? Because we are afraid of emotions, although every decision is emotional we don't wanna belief it. The limbic structures already decided why we like some things and don't like others. These structures decide on the base of different things, experiences we have learned during our lifes, very old patterns formed during mankind, and, of course, your own preferences. We only get the final decision, but don't know where it comes from and why we decided like that and not the other way round.

We have to realize, although it's hard, that we aren't the Homo Oeconomicus we have been beliefing for such a long time. The newest brain research is indicating what many of us already anticipated - WE ARE DRIVEN MAINLY BY OUR EMOTIONS.

But it's great news for marketers, if you know the cultural statistics and the limbic profile of your target group you can convince them buying your products. You can create brand instead only selling boring products which are similar to others and can only be sold through a much lower price.

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