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RIP ...scanner. I don't know what has happened to my scanner. It will not power on. It is an Epson print/scan/copy machine and it is only two years old, and has really been kind of a piece of junk. Very disappointing, really. So, I don't have a way to post ...

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Fancy Donut Coloring Page
Fancy Donut Coloring Page ...or is it doughnut?  I have a weakness for fancy donuts, the fancier the better.  These were fun to draw.  I gave you a full dozen and even threw in a maple bacon long john.  I think if I had to pick one to eat right now, I'd go ...

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Milk Coloring Page
Milk Coloring Page We go through a lot of milk in our house. Or, so I thought until I overheard someone at preschool drop-off saying that they buy six gallons a week.  It is kind of fascinating how many ways milk gets packaged.  I didn't draw any milk bottl...

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Strawberry Cake
Strawberry Cake Ask a four year old an open ended question about birthday cake and you end up running to the store for strawberries instead of just making a chocolate cake like you had planned.  I rushed this drawing quite a bit and I am not very happy with...

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Mama Daughter Date Coloring Page
Mama Daughter Date Coloring Page Some of you may be able to identify the location of this mama daughter coffee (and milk) date.  We go there a lot. This page is a little different from the previous ones. I haven't decided what I think about it. Mama daughte...

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Last new page of the week. Print some today to color over the weekend.
These are totally free for personal use; just my way of holding myself accountable to get back to drawing regularly.

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Do you like to color? I'm trying to shake the rust off of my drawing skills. I hope to create a page a day. These are free for personal use.
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