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It's back and better then ever NIMMO DDS 

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Coos bay hope it's a kick ass change

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Just tired of a hole bunch of shit work work work for what going to bed unload in Sulphur Springs in the morning and hurry back to California to get another one back out 

Buy a Jag for the lady you think you would get attacked .....nope lol oh well least I'll have fun driving it 

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Playboy Mansion Beverly Hills 

 this maybe stupid but you cant message them on facebook or any other site but i know if i put there names on here it will get flag threw Homeland security and so here it goes Barack Obama you want be know for something awesome during your time in office pick a lady famous for doing something awesome for her country that change us for the better SO BARACK OBAMA MAKE A WOMEN HOLIDAY TY

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Cold but not to cold outside looking up at the night sky. The stars peek threw the clouds at me or am I peeking threw the clouds at them. Crisp clean air the sound I hear the wind chatting with the leaves the wild life in a steady conversation with each other it almost seems like a picture from which god has painted this is oakhurst

its snowwwwwwing lol cool kids are having a blast im getting ready to hit the big road got to be in la tonight

well off to San Francisco got to be there early in the morning hate to leave home it was a good couple of days but got to make the money  might pic up some duck tape and gold paint lol just incase mmmm wonder has the bridge ever got TP
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