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A technology lover

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Downloading Container Images from Proxmox
Download Container Images Programmatically I wanted all of the Promox container templates to be available for my users to choose from and the pveam tool doesn't provide an easy way to do this. So I came up with a simple bash script to do this for me. pveam ...

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Migrating Proxmox VMs with Python
Using the Proxmox API with Python to Migrate Virtual Machines I hate doing repetitive tasks, and am always on the lookout for a way to save myself time. I noticed the other day how much time it was taking me to move virtual machines around using the Proxmox...

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Monitoring the Network
Network Monitoring with collectd Scattered around campus is a few thousand network ports. Most of the ports I don't care what they are doing so no alerting needed but, occasionally when there is an issue and it is nice to have an idea of what the network lo...

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Stupid Yo! tricks with Spark Core
Intro Yo made a huge splash when it first came out. It was all over the tech news sites and of course I had to download the app and see what the hype was. Like all the tech news sites said it was dead simple to use push a button and send a Yo. After a while...

I'm using +Marvin Stuart LCD and got the community firmware flashed and moved my jumper to the left pins and triple checked my wiring but when I turn on the printer nothing happens on the LCD. I also notice that I can't view the serial console anymore on the arduino until I unplug the LCD screen. Any ideas on how to go about fixing this?

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Is this an appropriate sensor to get for auto bed leveling? How hard will it be to get this working with the stock board and the community edition firmware?

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I have the first version of this pen and love it for taking notes. This version doesn't require a smartphone or tablet to always be paired with it to function. Pretty neat.

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Android Studio on Fedora 20 x86_64
Android Studio is an IDE made by Google for developing Android applications. It is an alternative to Eclipse with the Andriod plugin installed. It works quite well under Fedora 20 as long as you install the required dependencies. Android studio requires som...

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Free Tickets to The Internship

The Internship comes out this Friday, and we want you to go!

To be eligible for 2 free tickets, simply share this post publicly, and we'll select 5 people at random!

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Some notes on using Salt Stack with GitHub
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