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For all the good things - straight-out exciting and satisfying things - about G+, it has one GIGANTIC downside right now: make one misstep with G+ and its TOS, and everything you have in any Google system could be instantly lost when Google freezes or annihilates your cloud, email archives, docs and all.

That, for me, is an absolute deal breaker. How about you?
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This worries me. But I hope they won't just take us out the way Facebook does.
Bill, I think most of the cases you've been reading about are regarding real names, and if an account is suspended for not having a real name on the profile, the person still has access to Google services like Gmail.
I think it's worth taking a moment to reflect on why HAI has the polices it does regarding media and it's workshops, how that's work (or hasn't worked) for the organization and those it serves, and how those lessons apply to Google+ and IT generally.

Also, +Matt Cutts will look you right in the eye (digitally speaking) and lie. He does it so glibly I'm not even sure he cognates that he's lying.
I haven't heard about people losing associated Google services over this, just Google+ accounts. Does anyone have links for this?
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