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Right Now 5 Wealthy Men Whose Health Insurance You Have Paid for Most of Their Lives Are Probably Deciding You Can't Have Insurance
People who have insurance are being overcharged to cover free riders—like Mary Brown, who filed the original lawsuit asserting her right not to buy health insurance. “She firmly believes that no one should have the right to tell her she has to use her own money to pay for health insurance.” But Brown is no longer the named plaintiff. Why? Because NFIB dropped her when the real world intruded. She got sick. The bills came due. And without health insurance, she went bankrupt. She had to close her auto-repair shop. And she stiffed her doctors and hospital—leaving folks who were more responsible than she to cover her uncompensated care.
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So basically, I (wellness checks only, except for that time I had an ear infection) pay $1,017 a year to subsidize the truly ill, the people with chronic sickness, the smokers, the obese?

Okay. I mean, if I get hit by a bus tomorrow, I'm going to want to be subsidized by others. I guess that seems fair.
You've just defined the word 'insurance.' :-)
Yeah well, Alito ain't the only one around here who can get down with the reductio ad absurdum.
But of course you're also paying for those five justices. That's not called insurance. 
Living in Canada I can say that the US is really, REALLY missing the boat here by dumping on the whole publicly funded health care thing.

If I have a heart attack (say a mild one) and wind up in the hospital, I'm taken care of (surgery, angio, drugs, etc.) and I'm back to work when I'm well.

Best of all! No bill!

No one up here seems to complain that they have to pay health care premiums. Can't say that's ever been much of a complaint I've ever heard in Canada.
Everything in life is like pro Wrestling ,, nice show,,,you need to be tough to get in the ring,, fixed and both sides owned by the same corporation
in the us you can have a brain fart
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