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Life for Sale
Someone needs to do an entire website collection of these. Quite remarkable graphics on our economic, political and social lives have been regularly appearing. But does anyone know of any central collection site?
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Thanks for sharing that link, +James Salsman. Intersting to see in the second graph, the 'trending' one, how well it coincide with data from The Equality Trust foundation. From the early 70's it seems, increased GNP have not improved health. Is it possible that beyond a certain level of 'wealth' equality is more important than the absolute level of spending in health care?
+Per Siden income equality is far more important than wealth equality, which essentially doesn't matter in comparison. The big deal that the Equality Trust's publications helped with is this 37 year old mistake which just got found a year ago: Growth is not correlated with the previous year's change in income equality as described in so using run lengths makes much more sense.

As for health care, essentially any form of universal preventative care saves 40% -- -- which is more than a trillion dollars in the US, and the reason why single payer would save taxpayers about $350 billion instead of costing more. That's reiterated over and over in
Is life longevity the key or quality of life?
Is there any graph that mentions quality of life?
Thank you, +James Salsman, that was some really interesting links. Will read them carefully.

I guess you have already seen Richard Wilkinson's presentation from Edinburgh for TED Global 2011? He actually begin that one with life expectancy.
I tried the site and it produced nothing
I could read on my MacBook Pro dot latest Lion update.

If "quality" of life in America is bad, are people emigrating to other countries from America?
Wouldn't emigration support your views?
What is the emigration rate from America?
For some reason that slideshare won't work? Maybe it is temporary, maybe it is me. For an alternative The Equality Trust foundation's "Evidence" page offer views such as Education, Imprisonment, Child Well-being, Social Mobility, Trust and Community Life, Violence, Teenage Births etc. I would say that covers Quality of life to a great extent.
It works for me on Mac and Windows. Just because there is room for improvement in the US doesn't mean Mexico isn't worse.
Not sure, +Ed Bradford, but I seriously doubt people would emigrate over this. To begin with they'd have to be aware of the difference, and what we are seeing here may be significant, on a statistical level, but it is still a difference to a certain degree only, and I believe hard to adapt on an individual level.

My guess is people in general emigrate only when they are out of every other options, and I would be surprised if the statistics would show any significant increase in immigration. At least for this particular reason.
My question about "quality of life" was about freedom
and my Natural Rights.

a. Can I choose the medical benefits I want?
b. Do I have to be taxed to support other people's whims?

You anti-trolls WILL NOT ANSWER that question.

I am a troll! (I say this for the idiots that have no
thoughts and can only call those who
they don't understand/agree_with

My answer is:
a. YES
b. NO

Your answer?

A LIST of what I can choose does not define freedom to me.
Consider Sarah Palin as the POTUS.
Is Sarah's LIST OK with you?

Politics in health care is evil by any thinking persons measure.

You know it and so do I.
There's plenty of room for improvement +James Salsman and not only in the U.S. that's for sure. By trying to understand more about the mechanisms at play, and not turning it into politics, we can increase efficiency, make sure everybody are covered, improve quality and cut costs. After all, we can do better than this.
A. I can choose!
B. I don't have to forcibly (at the point of a gun) pay for
some one else's health care.


it is sad to be in the end of the tail, specially when we can blame only ourselves ( Portuguese are not very good at choosing political leaders). Some realy poor choices were made, tax brakes for the richest and large companies, reduced spending on sciences, investigation, health and education. Large overspending in the government itself, politicians that only care for what public company (or private) will they work for when they leave the office, generalized corruption between the companies and the political system, etc,. It is really sad to be Portuguese now, we went to be one of the largest empires and powerful economic power to be the butt of Europe. Everyone interested in knowing the advantages of a right wing political government and close association of the State and big companies should study our case.

sorry about the rant, I´m a bit mad at our government these days.
+Ed Bradford can you choose the medical benefits you want if you get so sick you hit your policy caps and run out of savings? YES or NO?

Do you depend on other people's taxes when you depend on law enforcement to keep you free from crime, public health services to keep you free of disease, roads, etc?
"Insurance" is for the unexpected.
That is not a difficult (you don't
need to have graduated from high school)
concept to understand.

"Insurance" should never pay for the 'expected' --
Annual checkup
Pap Smear
Child Birth
Breast X-Ray
Birth Control Pills
or anything else that is
easily expected.

When our POLITICAL "health care engineers"
understand the difference between the
and the
America will be so much better off.

Politicians, will however, try to buy your
vote with "health care for all, always".

You will probably accept that, having zero
idea what you are getting into or what you
are suggesting America get into.

"The price of liberty is eternal vigilance."

You Ain't Vigilant!
I'm getting out of grp/individual medical because it is such a horrible mess. Anymore unless you have a union job, your medical benefits are not going to stop you from going to the poor house.
+Ed Bradford your idea of liberty is comprised of far too much death, suffering, economic destitution, homelessness, and child poverty. But gosh durnit, at least it won't be socialist. Like your social security check?
My "idea of liberty" brought America from last place to first
place in the world in 200 years. What's your idea?
+Ed Bradford borrow a few ideas from the far older countries who have done far better. Denmark has lower child poverty and even more immigration per capita.
My ancestors left Holland and England to help create America.
Denmark, at that time, was not a place people went TO.
Denmark didn't do so well in the 1930's and 1940's. Why should I
study Denmark?

Study Holland if you want to understand a competitive environment.

Did Denmark benefit from the "Industrial Revolution" that
originated in UK and was perfected in America?
I think the Industrial Revolution raised the standard
of living for more people than any economic system
in world history. I might be wrong. Please show me
where in human history the standard of living has been
raised outside of western (e.g. UK and American) ingenuity?
China in the 1990-2010 timeframe?

I think many DK citizens were saved from death
by America in WW1 and WW2.
Am I wrong?

America is a 'vote with your feet' country. If you don't
like your state's laws, leave and go to a state where
the laws are more amenable to your views. Europe
never had that option -- other than in the 1600's where
America was the destination. It's not clear to me, they have
that option even today. Do they in the Euro community?
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