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BA leg room cuts would be a marketing blunder
Free market competition should mean real consumer choice - not a race to the bottom. I'm a long legged beast, so you can accuse me of special pleading, but if British Airways goes ahead with its reported plan to cut leg room on short haul A320 and A321 airc...

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Football ace's Iran problem prompts US travel reminder
Britain's Sun newspaper reports that the former Manchester United star Dwight Yorke was prevented from flying home to the Caribbean via Miami because he had played a charity match in Iran. Reaction to the story linked the incident to President Trump's trave...

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New Year - new low cost flights
Airlines continue to plan new low cost routes from the UK despite the fall in the value of the £ since the Brexit referendum. Here's a round up. With more are flights being announced pretty well every week, I can't pretend the list is comprehensive. Remote ...

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Holiday surcharges - how big a threat?
Ski holiday surcharges - will they spread? How serious is the threat that Britons who
have booked holidays overseas may face demands for extra payments? Ski and
snowboard holiday operator Mark Warner is reported to be surcharging customers
as a result of th...

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Will Trump win hit tourism?
Lexington Green, Massachusetts - will Trump win damage tourism? What will a Trump presidency mean for tourism to the United States? Even in the run up to the election there were signs that young people in particular were deciding against travelling there - ...

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Holiday price gloom as £ hits 31 year low
With the £ sliding to a 31 year low against the US dollar today  who would be a tour operator just now? In the short term, as a phony war is fought over the shape of Brexit, advance purchases of foreign currencies will shield package holiday customers from ...

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Autoroute sans fumbling for change
A first opportunity to use my new Liber-t tag on French autoroutes. Now available in the UK it enables you to sail through toll gates without queuing or fumbling for change - and saves your passenger the irritation of leaning out to take tickets or make pay...

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Sterling slump is one hard fact in Brexit confusion
The travel industry is often said to be a bell wether for the UK economy and again, post Brexit, it is so proving. Leave supporters may whistle all they like to keep up their spirits, pointing to the fact that shares are up and there is no sign yet of a ser...

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Take your running shoes: Bilbao
Part One of an occasional series on places to take your running shoes: Run between the legs of Louise Bourgeois' giant spider Running in cities can be frustrating. Often there are too many roads to cross, too many pedestrians to dodge. Sometimes I have reso...

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Lowcostholidays - early warnings ignored
I wrote this article in 2013 for a publication specialising in travel law. I've resurrected it now to illustrate the failure of the mainstream media - of which I was long a part - to run complex stories on financial protection for travellers. A Fleet Street...
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