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Ray of Sunshine
Resistance is not futile.
Resistance is not futile.

WiFi router decided to puke, roll over and die this morning.

Nothing like standing in the local computer store aisle for 45 minutes comparing specs because you live in east bfe and data over phone is laughable to find reviews.

I think I did ok. Someone seems to think the last one was 10years old. 5 maybe. Not 10.

It’s now all set up. They did do something fubar where it wants the voip networked after the WiFi vs prior as on the older one. Not thrilled about my voip having to pass through that.

I suspect the government made them do it.

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I think this is the third incident this year.


About 7 sheriff cars in spawn’s school’s parking lot when I went to pick him up. Asked a parent and they had pulled 2 people out of a black impala with Kentucky plates.

No notification of lockdown as we walked our kids to our cars past all the police. Still waiting to see what this all was.

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In her own freaking bed for a change.
She’s pissed. Too bad.


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They break into tv for everything else, and I find this on the internet?

Oh yah, we are under snowmageddon for the 2” of snow that closed schools. This wouldn’t be news.

Authorities had tracked the suspect — a 24-year-old white man — to a hotel in Round Rock, a city in the Austin metropolitan area, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said at a news conference.

X Files first time around with stepmonsters:
“Please don’t have this on. I get nightmares.”

X Files repeats with spawn:
“So what exactly is going on? Oh yah, there was actually research on some of that stuff. Cool.” “Oh, those three guys are in this one!”
you’re not scared?
“We watched House and Fringe and Star Trek and Orphan Black and Mr. Robot and that weird thing with the crazy guy and prehistoric bees. Why would this scare me?”
just checking. Your sister got nightmares and your brother said he didn’t like to watch stuff like that.
Eye roll and stare

That’s my kiddo.

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I’ve never ever installed the app. One of the problems with apps is they tap into parts of the device that they really have no need (why does a calculator need your contacts?)

This particular tablet is a FB virgin. Thus far, separation of device use seems to fool it. The dots aren’t able to connect on their end.
Facebook has allowed third parties like Cambridge Analytica to violate user privacy on an unprecedented scale. For now, here's one way you can take control of your privacy settings.

Ermagerd...2” of snow might be coming.
Close all the things!
Buy your French toast stuff!
Stay off the roads!

another reason this locale annoys me
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