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Ray of Sunshine
Ded profile. Follow elsewhere.
Ded profile. Follow elsewhere.

Trying to dismantle this profile.

Please follow the new one.

without the of

If you got an invite from a similar profile, it’s legit.
I’m trying to dismantle this one.

Feel free to spread the word or circle the new one.

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Ever heard of HIPAA?

These companies are actively destroying the last granules of privacy we have left.

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This is part of why I’m changing profiles. It appears that in order to game the system, an email should be tied to one social media account and that’s it.

Ok. So the first opt out was on safari. It started with 134 trackers and only gets down to 106. Why? Because most of these trackers wont let you opt out. Firefox pulls the same bs result on 2 other devices.

This is one of the most felonious pieces of crap I’ve seen in a while.

The second image, via Firefox. Same device. Wants me to turn on cookies so they can add a cookie to tell it not to track. To which I ask: are you smoking crack?

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Moving to a new profile on here because of trackers I’ve discovered.
Same name minus the “of”, similar pic, no followers yet. It’s me.

Just trying to reduce a footprint.

I can’t very well share some vids and pics knowing certain insurance companies are watching. They wouldn’t accept a Canadian email at one point, so I gave them the one associated with this profile because it was the only one available, and they blew up my tracking.

This will stay up for a little bit while I do the migration.

If we can’t have GDPR in the states, I’ll make it happen myself.

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I really liked this yarn and it was on clearance.
I’d gotten a “sock loom” which is really just a fine gauge knitting loom, so I’m making socks.
It came with some different instructions, so I’m using a flat knit stitch. Probably will take a while. Tiny knit stitches make it a slow process.


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+Johnny Wills #joindaily

Today’s subject: dogs


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Cleaning up the cabling on all the electronic things is proving annoying af.

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