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We Help Independent Artists Make Major Moves
We Help Independent Artists Make Major Moves


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10 Tips for Using Facebook Live as an Artist.

Facebook’s new “live” option has been generating a lot of attention in the marketing field. Why? Because it is a new way to interact with fans on an even more personal level than ever before. Unlike Periscope (another live video streaming service) Facebook Live allows you to go live on a place where all of your friends & fans already are multiple times per day. In order to push this new platform, Facebook has also altered their algorithm to rank Live feeds higher than other post types. This means that Facebook will show your Live stream to more people than they would say, a photo or prerecorded video. In this post we will go through 10 tips on using Facebook Live to your advantage!

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In this episode we are joined by Christain Croosh Ferris, an Independent artist that is the very best net-worker we know. Join us as we pick Croosh’s brain about artist working & the best ways to

1. Network with Artists
2. Network as an Artist
3. Interact with fans at shows
4. Give a memorable performance
5. Prepare for a show
6. Approach fans after your performance
7. The importance of being in a music collective & so much more

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In this Episode we Talk What Artist Branding is, the Benefits of being a Branded Artist, How Most Artists aren’t Branded & How You can Use it to Your Advantage, & the Key Aspects of Branding. As our Gift to You, Get Your Free Brand Review @

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Most artists will agree, it is hard to remain consistent. With so much on your plate its easy to forget about posting on social media or posting for your blog. This is why the best marketers use posting schedules to keep them on track. This article will teach you how to use a posting schedule to ensure that you will not miss a post. We also provide the template for the posting schedule that we use here at Dream Machine.

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In this video we join vocal coach Madeline Harvey to talk about the best ways to prepare yourself before your recording session in order to get the most out of your time. Some of the things we touch on are:

1. Communicating Emotion
2. Selecting the Right Microphone
3. How to Warm Up
4. Who to Bring w/ You and SO Much More!

We hope you guys get a ton of info out of this video. Be sure to check out and learn more about what she does for artists!

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We Noticed a lot of Bad Bio's Out There so we Wrote this Post to Show How to Write a Musician Bio, When to Use a Short and Long Bio, What Each Consists of, and How to Use it as an EPK! Happy Empowerment!

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We noticed a lot of people wondering which route to go with their careers so we wrote this post outlining the top benefits of remaining independent. Hope you guys enjoy!

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It's more important to build your brand as an artist than it is to just sell your music. Here is How and Why.

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It's more important to build a brand on an artist than it is to sell your music. Here is How and Why.
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