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What do you think of these recent Canadian pharma ads on FaceBook?

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Any thoughts? Google+ would enable Pharma to disable comments: the answer to today's FaceBook changes?

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My latest blog post: ``Novartis Canada kills its entire “Maybe Someday” social media campaign: Site, FaceBook, Twitter.`` They did some things right, and some wrong. What would you have done differently?

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A fun yet to-the-point training video to help hospital employees understand what they can and cannot do on social media. Very well done, and usable for other healthcare segments as well.

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G+ biz pages more important than ever - hurry G+: Google+ Posts Now Appear in Google Search Results via @mashable

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Google+ 101 a.k.a. The MothaLode o' Google+ Info & Resources for Goobies (goobies = g+ newbies)

Heyheyhowdyhihello ya'll! I keep seeing a lot more new people rollin' in daily, in addition to some friends I've invited on G+ board. I've seen some excellent info flowing around out there that has made my navigation through this wonderful new playground this last week effortless, entertaining & fun (as it should be;). I wanted to extend a welcome to all the new G+'ers ~wavestoyooknowwhoyouare!!~, and make a compiled list of all the info & resources I've ran across thus far. One Stop Google+ Info Shopping. I will add to this as I see more. Also? If you know of any good ones I've missed on this list please feel free to ad them in the comments and I'll edit this post accordingly.

Google+ 101: Getting Started by: +Rana Shahbaz -

Google+ Guide: 15 Tips For Newbies by: +The Huffington Post -

Tips for Newer Users of Google+ by: +Robert Scoble - (<-- one of my favs)

For the new G+ users in the crowd by: +Dain Binder
Google+ Terms and Translations -
G+ Cheat Sheets and Tricks - (<-- one of my favs)
Fully Edit your Google+ Photos -
Google+ Chrome Extensions -
Invite People to G+ -
Google+ is not Facebook -

Google+: The Complete Guide by: +Ben Parr -

HUGE Google Docs List of Google+ Resources (via) +Mariva H. Aviram

G+ PeOple who have been Great Guides:
+Ryan Crowe
+Craig Kanalley

Thanks to all of you kind enough to be way-showers to a goob like me!

Now then?.. Can I make one more crazy mel suggestion? Don't read all this. I surely didn't (gliiick=???) Gloss it over, scan it supahcrazyquick (thank goodness for that speed readin' class G-ma insisted on for me in 2nd grade;), and Jump In! It's truly the best way to learn. Weeee~~!! \o/

Happy G+in' Ya'll!!

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Still not able to get on Twitter ... I'm here now :-)

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Awesome list of Google folks to follow to stay on top of Google news, and also to connect with if you have questions.
Hello Google+!

Everyday I'm stoked to jump online and be 1 of 4 Google+ Community Managers engaging with this rockin' community! What's a day in the life of a Community Manager on Google+? We respond to +mentions (as many as we can, but can't always get to 'em all), listen to feedback in Hangouts/Discuss Forum/and alllll over Google+, and comment and re-share awesome content we find in the Stream! Then every Thursday we do a Google+ Community Report that we share with the Product and Engineering team so they know what'sup.

I thought it'd also helpful to introduce you to the Community Management Team for Google. They not only advocate for the users within Google+, but also for their products. These community pros are here to help, and want to get to know you!

drum roll please...

For Google+
+Toby Stein - Community Manager for the Google+ project
+Brian Rose - Community Manager for Google+ Photos
+Katherine Gramann - Community Manager for Hangouts

Our CM Homies
+Jacky Hayward - Community Manager for Chrome
+Melissa Daniels - Community Manager for Chrome OS
+Mark Harrison - Community Manager for SketchUp
+Jonathan Lally - Community Manager for Voice
+Vanessa Schneider - Community Manager for Places
+Sky Bintliff - Community Manager for Picnik
+Kelly Fee - Community Manager for Web Search
+Teresa Wu - Community Manager for Docs
+Paul Wilcox - Community Manager for Mobile
+Evan Steinberg - Community Manager for Mobile
+Lisa Ding - Community Manager for Blogger
+Sarah Price - Community Manager for Gmail
+Daniel Mabasa - Community Manager for Maps
+Adrienne Bernakevitch Ludwick - Community Manager for Calendar

Other Fantastic Folk
+Michael Hermeston - Google+ Support Manager
+Cody Bratt - Google+ Hangouts and Chat Team
+Diane Ratto - Google+ Hangouts and Chat Team
+Lasse Wassermann - Community Management Lead
+Toshen Golias - Support and Development for Google Discussion Forum

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