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It's just too complicated.
It's just too complicated.
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Stuff seems to change randomly in googleplus but inexorably more like myspace as implemented in athena widgets. 

Been trying out some distros lately. Here's the oneline reviews:
Crunchbang is light and clean with high likeability factor.
Linuxmint Debian Mate is a very good beginner choice.
Linuxmint Main Cinnamon blew up repeatedly and was boggy.
Manjaro is too raw for prime time but shows strong promise.

Nearly gave the Mrs a cluster nightmare with the fantasy/horror pillowtalk conjecture: What if the Gnome cabal took over linux kernel development? 

Just got OS X 10.3 "Appstore Lion." Going for the record, Apple still hasn't fixed the finder list view after breaking it the better part of two years ago. My chromebook looks better all the time.

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Got cow? I'd really like to see what kind of creatures inhabit this "fresh" dairy. Maybe those Texas Longhorns are weirder than they look.

I'm also comforted that the plant number is designated. Don't worry about the Silicon Dioxide; that's common in powdered food. Yum!

Winding down from watching the eclipse in Red Bluff with Akkana. We got full annularity nearly centered. Spectacular views, conditions were perfect if a little hot. Some sunspots for spice (fun watching them get munched) and great refraction effects from a tree nearby. I'm sure Ak will put up some of her photos -- I was just a prop and equipment guy. Used my little 4.5-inch newt; my first real scope and a sentimental favorite.

The good: a new version of chromeos just pushed to the stable channel.

The bad: it still can't run a realtek usb ethernet adapter that every other known linux variant can handle (not to mention windows, osx and probably beos).

Who's a networking company again?

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One of the far too many pictures from our run down Titus Canyon leading into Death Valley from Beatty Nevada. People say terrific things about this road, but it's nevertheless underrated. Our Rav 4 for scale.

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Linux For Miners? Took this picture under mysterious circumstances at Rhyolite Nevada. No explanations are offered (okay it's actually the Goldwell Open Air Museum but I found that out later). The place is much weirder than this picture implies. It won't explain anything to know it's in the Bullfrog Hills.

I'm going to have to figure out a way to get HPA to fish around in the chromebook boot mess and see if there's a way to convince it to behave rationally. Or, for even more excitement, boot with an initrd. Though I'd settle for a sane default, reasonable escape key, and short timeout from the Scary Developer Screen. I'm tempted to say it's Broken By Design, but I suspect it's Broken By Committee.
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