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This seems to be the easiest puzzle I've seen in the Thin Line set.

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Got a walkthrough for this one? I'd love to see it.

I thought Yukon was pretty tough when I was a kid. I don't know if I'm magically smarter, but so far, I have 11 wins out of 13 games (84.62%), a far cry from the estimate of 35% in the Help.

Seriously, you guys, make uncovering face-down cards a high priority! And if Yukon seems daunting, work your way up via One- and Two-Suit Yukon; the greatest aspect of Pretty Good Solitaire is having new games which are easier versions of classics. :)

I'd like to see more people playing Quadruple Klondike Strict, so I'll feel like I have actual competition when I'm submitting my win statistics. Thankfully, the game is new enough that there aren't a plethora of 100% win rates from people who probably cheated, but only 3 people are listed as having played 50+ games. :)

Challenge FreeCell #1568403328 is tough. I haven't found a break-in yet. Is it winable?

How is Trigon supposed to be winnable 50% of the time? I have 22.2% in 18 games. I wish it used a bunch of separate cards like Flower Garden instead of a stock pile you have to constantly click through to get to a card that's useful.

Winning a game of La Belle Lucie on the first deal is a tremendous feeling. Winning at all is a good feeling, really. It's tough!

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I mentioned this before on the forums, but I think it would be really cool if the Tours worked the way I expected: I can make a tour out of FreeCell and Inverted FreeCell, type in 20150205, and play deal #20150205 in both rule sets, not deal number #20150206 in FreeCell and deal #20150207 in Inverted FreeCell. (Note that it also records me as having played tour #20150207 in the statistics, rather than the 20150205 I entered.) Skip to 4:50 in this video to see this in action.

Is it possible to have an unwinnable deal in Simplex? If I understand correctly, the first 9 ranks that occur in the deck are guaranteed to be cleared if you play optimally, leaving 5 ranks of cards in 9 piles, which can always be grouped together and eventually cleared. If the number of piles were 6 or less, there'd be unwinnable deals.

A while back, I reported having extreme difficulty with Big Spider. After not having played in a long while, I just won 3 games in a row. I assume my skill has improved; training on Huge Spider (which is even easier, thanks to having 20 columns instead of 13 or 10, thus yielding more flexibility for movement) helped a bit.

My main tips are to try to empty a column ASAP, and then look carefully for opportunities to shunt cards around into closer to a proper ordering without permanently plugging up the hole. If you have to plug up holes, make turning up face-down cards a priority, and be wary of plugging up a hole with a 13 (because you won't be able to unplug it until you finish that sequence). When it comes time to deal more cards, you can't have any empty columns, so try to have as few groups of cards in those columns as possible to make them easier to unplug again. Maybe you, too, will be able to win Big Spider three times in a row! :)
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