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Underwater housings for your camera and camcorder
Underwater housings for your camera and camcorder
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Our new, #relaunched hompage now has a blog section:

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Linus Erdmann and his kite surfing crew putting their ewa-marine housings to good use while doing their "Children of the Sea" 2015 road trip.
Great camera work guys!

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Great shot!
Dog Catching Ball

Summer is perhaps best known for heat and when the heat is great, it is most comfortable to be in an air-conditioned building or ... to be wet. The latter sounds more fun to me, but ... water and electronic camera gear are at odds with each other. Unless you have a waterproof housing for that gear.
While the high end dedicated rigid housings are very nice and may produce better image quality, a PVC underwater housing such as those made by EWA-Marine ( are far more affordable while still allowing unique photo opportunities.
In this photo, I was standing near the side of the pool with camera ready. Because capturing the perfect position of a normally thrown tennis ball is very challenging, I opted for a toss-straight-up technique. The dog wanted the ball, but didn't want to jump into the water to get it. I tossed the ball straight up so that it stopped moving at the ideal height and just far enough out so the dog couldn't reach it. The latter part mattered because it was game-over when the dog caught the ball and ran away with her prize.
Make this the summer that you waterproof your camera. Add wet shots to your portfolio. Capture the fun memories of the summer water activities. Get an underwater housing.
Read also: Underwater Photography Tips for Snorkeling.
Gear Used:
Canon EOS 1D X
Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM Lens
Ewa-Marine U-B 100 Underwater Housing
Camera and Lens Settings:
22mm  f/6.3  1/1250s, ISO 400, 5184 x 3456px

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really cool photo!
The touch of a stingray
Cayman Islands, Caribbean
From the blog

Stingray city was such a joy to swim in, after realizing that these animals were safe to be among, pure elation sets in as we come in contact with these creatures.

My brother and I were floating happily here when this lazy stingray comes up from behind him while brushing him with his fin. My brother jumped with surprise and amazingly enough this stingray was not afraid at all after this reaction.

As feared as these creatures are for having killed one of the most famous naturalists in the world, they are extremely docile. You can see the the much talked about poisonous barb used for defence barely sticking out of the base of the tail.

Photographic Details: As outlined in previous posts I used my trusty ewa-marine camera bag for this shot on shutter priority mode for 1/250 of a second. This was still fast enough to capture the gliding stingray as it swam into my face, their bellies are so soft it made me laugh!

1/250s f/6.3 ISO100 22mm (35mm eq:35.2mm)

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For those of you coming to visit us at the new factory in Wolfrstahausen, here's a link to Google Maps to help you find us:

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My friends, I want to show you how much work I might need to put in post-production, underwater pictures :)
I postproductiom and retouch :)
Nikon D800 + Nikon 16-35 mm f4.0
Underwater Housing ewa-marine 
model Kinga Klepacka
mua Kinga Klepacka
dress Paweł Androsiuk
special thanks for Klub Nurkowy Exstream
#underwater   #underwaterphotography   #underwaterworkshops   #underwaterphoto   #postproduction   #retouch   #retouching  

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Nice Blogpost (and pictures) by Jayms Ramirez:
JR: I use a Nikon D3 and D4, a couple of GoPro cameras, Aquatech underwater housings and, surprisingly, an Ewa-marine SLR housing, which is basically a high end Ziploc bag; but I have used it for a lot of water work in Hawaii and Mexico. The price is right at a few hundred dollars, compared to a few thousand dollars for a hard housing.

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Bottom line: aperture, sharper images and skill development.
Follow the link and read the article. It's a good read. Just like the rest of the posts on SLRLounge.

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A great online photograph tutorial
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