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oh hai Google+, I forgot you were here...
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It will, not as bad as fb took over MySpace, but it will be a player
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Eddie Machado

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Very useful.
Antonio Lupetti originally shared:
This is really useful
Usaura | Free Instant Click Tests
The fastest way to set up and run usability click tests on your interface designs and mockups.
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Hey. Whats Scott's user name
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US railway blocked phones to quash protest

California rail transit provider asked mobile providers to cut service to hamper protesters angry over police shooting.

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320 and up

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We make stunning mobile web apps -

We want to change the way, how people understand software. Our philosophy is perfect user experience and user interface.


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Google, what were you thinking? ← Mocality Kenya

23 comments so far. Google, what were you thinking? by Stefan. I'm very proud of the business that we've created here at Mocality, b

#eee on 0to255

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× Close. العربيّة; български; Dansk; Nederlands; English; Français; Deutsch; Ελληνικά; עברית; italiano; 日本語; 한국어; Norsk; polski; Português B

Intriguing animate-on-scroll effect – jQuery tutorial | PeHaa Blog

We'll start with the html structure : <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8" /> <title

Use spread to manipulate the box-shadow

Example for creating CSS3 drop shadows with box-shadow property. The fourth parameter spread is being used for special effects.

A Better Typekit Integration ··· Nico Hagenburger

Some tweaks to optimize the script tags provided by Typekit to improve loading and beauty.


Stripe makes it easy for developers to accept credit cards on the web.

Blog :: Jenius Design

A blog about interaction design, web development, graphic design, brains, and occasionally other insights on life - curated by Jeff Escalant

Working with Ananda has been life changing. My family has a history of diabetes and she sat down with me and helped me find a diet that works for me and has completely changed the way I eat. She doesn't just help you get in great shape, she really helps you live a better life. On top of that, she's always smiling and gives you her full attention during every session. I couldn't recommend her any higher!
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