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Aleisha Stephens
missionary. wife. mom. educator. Christ-follower.
missionary. wife. mom. educator. Christ-follower.


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I have a question for you: if you have kids, do they yell at you?  I used to believe that all kids yell (because mine do), but when I was talking to my friend recently, I discovered not all kids yell at their parents. I was giving this friend an illustratio...

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Miracle Morning?
I realized recently that I have only blogged once since this guy was born. He's almost one. Last night, I was reading through past blog posts, and I started to get a little sad that I haven't been documenting our life, for my own sake. It was so fun to go b...

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the fourth child
In the first 21 days of Cece's life, we posted 20 times on this blog!! Eli is three months old, and I haven't posted one photo of him. When he was a few weeks old, Daniel , who serves on the JV creative communications team came over to take some family phot...

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ready (or not) for baby number four
ready (or not) I am 37 weeks pregnant with our baby boy (yep, it's a boy). Our twins were born at 34 weeks, so we are happy to have made it this far. Much of our weekends these past two months was spent painting rooms, refinishing furniture, and moving stuf...

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triumphant and cracked pot parenting
Yesterday morning was one of those mornings in our house when you wonder if anything you are doing as a parent is working! You're not sure whether to cry, scream, or laugh at how terrible your kids are acting. (Don't they look cute in the dinosaur's mouth? ...

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preschool apps my kids are into
The other day I was texting with my brother, Rollie, about education. (He teases me sometimes about stuff, and I get sucked in.) I was joking with him about how even though I have a masters degree in literacy, on that day, I had downloaded an app on the iPa...

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guess who's Brian's intern
The summer of 2002, I was a JV intern with Dan and Laura Hash in Poland. It was a very transformational summer for me, and I learned so much about ministry. I spent a lot of time with the Hashes that summer, which included time with their son, Jacob, who wa...

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my travel companion
Up until I got married, all of my international traveling was with my cousin, Melanie. Heck, most of my traveling in general was with Melanie. Her and I went to Poland together for the first time in 1998, and we visited Prague together in 2002, which was my...

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full circle
Here's a picture from the English camp in Poland that Brian and I met at in 2002: Here's Brian doing at training at this year's Fala (JV's partner organization in Poland) English Camp leader's training: Turns out one of the campers who was at that English c...

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not your average Sunday
Brian just got home from a trip to the states for the winter JV board meeting and a training for our newly formed and growing communications team. I was home with the kids for nine days (I keep saying ten, but Brian keeps correcting me). The kids were sick ...
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