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Following the new material app icons, I intend to rename 2 of my apps:

Battery Monitor Widget to 3C Battery Monitor

System Tuner to 3C Tuner or 3C System Tuner

The idea is to keep app naming consistent with the 3C branding.

Your ideas and thoughts are most welcome.

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For some reason, previous post got deleted!?

Here is the full set of new material app icons that I will use in next updates. Feel free to comment.
Material app icons
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Affected by widgets disappearing after app update?

After some further digging, I finally found why it happens. The bad news is, there are no work-around, every widget apps can be affected, the larger they are the more likely they will be affected!

This affects all devices running Android 4.0 or above, even 6.0!

I've reported the issue, please stare at the issue so that (maybe) Google considers fixing it:

Please also share this post to as many user as you can so that we increase the chance of seeing a permanent fix to this!

Support is either available by sending a support request from app settings, help and support inside any 3C apps or on XDA on this merged thread:

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New shortcut and widget options to support Lollipop Material design to be available in up-coming update.

Also to inform you that I'm finishing fixing the dark theme and I'm sorry for the delay and the teasing.

For better or worse, "Android Tuner" has been renamed "3C Toolbox"

The main reason being a Play Store policy violation and the opportunity to have the app name match its features.

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Android Tuner and Battery Monitor Widget both support the following dual-battery devices:
- Asus Transformer series (TF100 up-to TF701)
- Asus padfone series (1 & 2)
- HP Slatebook

If you have a dual-battery device that is yet unsupported, please let us know using a support request from app settings, help and support.

If you have a single-battery device that is reported as a dual-battery, let us know as well.

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Android Tuner and System Tuner both supports new Exynos processors (8 or 6 cores):

- Set each CPU min and max frequencies
- Set each CPU governor
- View all 6 or 8 cores frequencies and timings
- Control screen-off governors and frequencies

There are issues with in-app purchases (ads removal or battery markers) affecting both Android Tuner and Battery Monitor Widget 3.1.7. A fix has been published and should be available momentarily.
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