Dear Everyone!

The following news and special offer has been sent by Data Garden through the newsletter. There is a great chance for iOS Users who may want to enjoy Plants Music without needing to acquire a Musicians experience nor to buy Synthesizers. I wouldn't wait too long if this appeals to you. Imagine the opportunity being able to kindly invite your Plants to create Healing Arts at home or during a hike for you and your family! :) Currently i'm not aware if Data Garden has plans to support Android OS as well but IF you happen to be an owner of an Iphone or an Ipad i wouldn't let this amazing summer deal pass untouched.

As far as i understand you require five things to make this "plug & play adventure" come true. This special summer deal expires on by Midnight PST on September 22. I'm sure they will keep building new MIDI-Sprouts, to continue on this fruitful noble mission but after the the 22th September, you have to expect the regular price of $300 (exclusive shipping). So therefore it makes sense to take advantage of it which helps to save money for shipping and possible custom fees (all residents outside US).

.) 1 MIDI-Sprout - >
.) 1 MIDI Sprout iOS App - >
.) 1 iConnectMIDI1 Lightning Version, 1-in 1-out USB to MIDI Interface for Mac, PC and iOS - >
.) Iphone/Ipad
.) Inhouse or Outdoor Plants

Let Mother Nature in your heart
MIDI Sprout iOS App Coming Soon!

Many of you have been asking how to make music with plants without a synthesizer or familiarity with sound design. When we originally designed the MIDI Sprout, we intended it for use by artists and musicians with hardware and software instruments. Your feedback suggests a desire to use MIDI Sprout in a way that’s more user friendly and plug-and-play.

We’ve heard your requests and have begun making our own iOS app for the MIDI Sprout. This will allow anyone to plug their MIDI Sprout into their iPhone or iPad with a MIDI to iOS adapter and listen to plants play sounds designed by our team. Have a listen for yourself and let us know what you think!

We expect to have this released in November and we’re super excited to see how this opens up the experience of plant music to more people.

MIDI Sprout End of Summer Pre-Sale

Great news! We are building more MIDI Sprouts and we expect to deliver in late November and early December. For a limited time, we are offering a pre-sale at the discounted price of $250. This offer is limited to 50 orders. Orders must be placed by Midnight PST on September 22. We will then make more available for purchase at the end of November at the regular price of $300.
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