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Thomas Foolery
Alter ego of Chris Schuetz, AKA "joekano" on various hobby sites. Can be found locally at Game Kastle in Santa Clara.
Alter ego of Chris Schuetz, AKA "joekano" on various hobby sites. Can be found locally at Game Kastle in Santa Clara.

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Some new buildings for Back of Beyond

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Start of a new Chinese building project

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Chinese Hutong Buildings in 28mm
The New Year is off to a good start with the completion of the first s iheyuan ( 四合院  ) block for my hutong ( 胡同 , 衚衕 ) project. I've been wanting to have some urban space for my Back of Beyond and 2nd Sino-Japanese War games, so I though a hutong would be ...

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Hereward the Wake and Huscarls
Saga  seems to be one of the few historical games that is popular locally and two of my gaming buddies play, so I've decided to expand into another era of history (much to my wife's frustration).  Luckily it is a skirmish game, so I made the case that it wo...

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More Architectural Details for 28mm Back of Beyond Buildings
I have started working on some buildings for eastern China, and my collection of architectural elements has been expanding.  As such, I've decided to make those new images available.  As before, if you are the owner of any of the images from which these wer...

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The Great Train Robbery: Back of Beyond Style
Today Steve and I put together a Back of Beyond game so we could try out the " Setting the East Ablaze! " rules from Partizan Press. Our hope had been to host a larger game for some of the historical players in the area, but it ended up being a two person a...

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Usambara Railroad: Sarissa Passenger Car
I've been ignoring this project for a bit, but finally decided it was time to offer some passenger service on the rail line. As with the rest of this project, this car is part of Sarissa's railway series. I had originally planned to modify the car by adding...

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IJA Veteran Infantry
Back with some more infantry for my Japanese Army.  These are the veteran infantry (sometime called jungle fighters) from Warlord Games , supplemented with a couple of their plastic figures. The figures use the separate head system, which gives you the oppo...

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IJA Type 94 Tankette
Instead of an armored car for my Japanese forces, I've decided to add a Type 94 tankette (九四式軽装甲車) . This particular tankette began production in 1935 and were assigned to infantry divisions for use in reconnaissance. Rather thank go with the Warlord Games ...

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IJA Type 97 Chi-Ha Tank
A bit of armor for the new Imperial Japanese Army. This is the Chi-Ha (九七式中戦車 チハ)  medium tank, which was introduced in 1938 and used in China and the Pacific theaters. This is the  Warlord Games  kit and overall it is a decent model.   There was quite a lo...
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