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Vacation Hawaiian Islands
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Ronda is the ultimate UFC champion
Gotta luv this Robot. Especially luv the ending. 
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Vacation Hawaiian Islands

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Curious to know if anyone else here has seen an extreme increase of spam recently, especially from China. 
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Wow, that is some project there, +Avanti Hosting. I've bookmarked the site, I'll look into it in more detail when I have more time.
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Vacation Hawaiian Islands

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Thanks for the invitation, Artashes :) I go by SenseiSteve and I'm the President of Infusing Markets LLC ( - a digital interactive marketing firm.

I started in this industry as the General Manager for a local St Louis ISP and networking firm back in '95 and had been a Sales Executive and Marketing Director for a couple of data centers until just recently. 

Hobbies - Seems like I'm always on the computer, but that's because I love bleeding edge technology. I'm a home body - love my wife and do whatever I can to support her career. 
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Pleased to meet you +Steve Bloemer 
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Vacation Hawaiian Islands

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This has to be my favorite song right now, followed by Somewhere Over the Rainbow. 
Too long; didn't read - have to admit I never heard that term. I do agree with Kim's assessment that you need to know your audience, engage them and create dialogue. 

I don't mind reading long articles if they're broken down into logical paragraphs that flow from one to the next. When I run across long blocks of unbroken text, I generally move on to other articles or sites. The proper amount of white space is critical. 

As usual, Kim's advice here is right on the money. 

Vacation Hawaiian Islands

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Congrats! I still remember my first solo back in '76 at Ford Island on Oahu, HI. Keep up the good work and Semper Fi
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