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I was a fond user of "My shared items" in Google Reader as well as my Youtube channel, feeding that RSS into both twitter and facebook. You can still (for the time being) find them here in your G+ profile under "About" and "Other profiles". How should I patch up those RSS's to use G+ now?

Also, of course I missed all the people I was following on Google Reader so I hope they will switch over to G+ now.

Here is where I will track how I sort this out, and I appreciate your comments and reshares too.

Old post when I found Google was gonna do the integration:
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Also, it feels very strange not to have my social subscriptions in Reader anymore - so for social content I have to switch over to G+? Meh... ok...
It's quite interesting how now G+ and Reader will attempt to split content into social or not. First effect will be dramatically increased G+ traffic initially, if it can't be kept in Reader anymore
A very bold move by Google... it has to be thought through, although I don't feel quite sure. I miss the old Reader. Reader was the "quality place". Google+ is a "mixed bag". I still haven't got used to checking Google+ regularly.
Inga rekommendationer längre: "Det finns inte tillräckligt med innehåll på ditt språk för att visa populära objekt." (och mitt språk var svenska). Så kan det gå, när Reader inte innehåller C-J Sveningsson längre :)
Yes, and not informing (yet?) properly about such a switch, I feel Google are pretty much shooting from the hip here. Unfortunately the competition isn't very strong either so there's nowhere to go
All I can say is you are correct in your observations & conclusions!
"feeding that RSS into both twitter and facebook."
I'm wondering — didn't that feeding mean that your posts were actually read less by others on FB and Twitter? Because if someone floods the feed, others often either remove him/her from their news feeds or his/her posts are just skimmed more superficially, because of the information overload...? (at least I didn't have time to fully read your FB feed anymore, just skimmed partly & occasionally)
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