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The World's Largest Photography Award Reveals its Stunning Shortlist
Swirling tornadoes, glittering
ice caves and a breaching killer whale: The world's largest photography awards disclose
its stunning shortlist. There’re some of the entries to have made the 2017 Sony
World Photography Awards, now in its 10th year. You can se...

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The Hand-Carves Nature on Wood
A New Zealand-based artist Gordon
Pembridge has developed a lifelong connection with nature. This association
with Mother Earth is frequently the main source of inspiration for his
impressive wooden vessels that incorporate elements of natural history and

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Giant 3,000-year-old statue of Pharaoh Ramses II found in a Cairo
Garman and Egyptian archaeologists
found a giant 3000 year old status submerged in ground water in Cairo slum, is
hailed as “one of the most important discoveries ever”. It is believed, that it
possibly depicts revered Pharaoh Ramses II, who ruled Egypt mor...

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The Ancient Yew Forest of Kingley Vale
The Ancient Yew Forest of Kingley
Vale   is tucked between Stoke Down and
Bow Hill, adjacent the village of West Stoke just 3 miles north west of
Chichester, in West Sussex in southern England, is Kingley Vale National Nature
Reserve. It was established in ...

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Incredible Pictures of Glowing Flowers
Southern California based 28 years old Photographed “Craig
Burrows” photographs plants and flowers using a type a photography called UVIVF
or with ultraviolet-Induced visible fluorescence. If you haven’t heard of it,
that’s not a wonder, as it is a fairly u...

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Old Cement Factory Turn Into Breathtaking Home
1973 Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill stumbled upon a cement factory in
Catalonia, Spain, and a huge compound of silos and buildings that was
well covered approximately two and a half miles of underground tunnels.
He stumbled upon a dilapidated cemen...

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The Animals Bridges Across The World
The animal bridges, across the
world is incredible purpose-built crossings that help animals bypass roads
safely, as crossing roads safely isn't a skill many animals possess.
Fortunately, support is at hand in the form of innovative wildlife crossings,
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