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Huon Valley based Computer Repairs, Software & Web Development, Media Production & Graphic Design business.
Huon Valley based Computer Repairs, Software & Web Development, Media Production & Graphic Design business.

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Print media is on its last legs, and now is the time to start building your online presence.

The constantly improved targeting options offered by platforms such as Facebook, Google and YouTube Ads dramatically improve conversion rates, while simultaneously providing a much lower cost per conversion when compared to traditional advertising.

See more on our blog:

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Sarox HQ is finally coming together... We now have carpet - a dedicated IT Workbench - and even some room for leisure!

Come and take a look for yourself... Give us a call to arrange a time! 0487 110 710

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If you don't #BACKUP YOUR FILES, you are putting all of your important information at risk of being lost. #Data #recovery is expensive - but you don't have to (and shouldn't have to) pay for your own files, so long as you KEEP AS MANY BACKUPS AS POSSIBLE.

See our best suggestions for keeping your data safe at all times:

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We've recently had the pleasure of working with Danny from Crabtree Quarry.
Danny is a natural on any earthmoving machine and knows how to get the job done - even working around the environment when possible.
He's also got his VERY OWN QUARRY which means he can source quarry products for a great price.

Take a look at his website and be sure to keep him in mind if you ever need any holes dug, driveways re-done, sites levelled - or anything else earth moving.

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Look what I found on the IT Workbench this afternoon...
These two systems are almost ready and will be on sale soon for a great price!

Be sure to keep your eyes open... These are the nicest looking computers we have built for a while - and we're planning to let them go CHEAP!

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We heard on the grapevine the other day that Fairfax Media plans to stop publishing paper newspapers during the week - making the weekday papers online only.
This says a lot about the way our world is going, and the fact that our most prominent source of media is now the Internet. (see graph)

No matter how humble your business - now is the time to get online and reach a potentially infinite audience.
Give us a call or send us an email today to find out about a new package deals - including #FREE domain name registration, SSL Certificate, Business Email Accounts, and up to $120 of Google Advertising Credit!

0487 110 710 |


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The Sarox Blog is live!

Here's a few simple things that you should be doing with your home network - promised to make your life easier.

Be sure to leave a comment if you found this useful or if you have any questions. We don't bite!

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The Sarox website has been upgraded and now offers a lot more functionality and information about what we do.

Please head over there and take a look - let us know what you think in the comments!

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It's easy to become overwhelmed by all of the things to think about when starting or running a business - and even easier to let things slip through your fingers as certain things take priority over others.

Don't let your #online presence get hindered by that. There's no reason or excuse for any #business not to be online in this day and age.

It's easy, cheap, and with over 3.1 billion people (or around 40% of the world) using the Internet - where your #customers are.

Something as simple as a Facebook page and a simple website can push your #business further than you ever thought possible - and we can make it possible.

Let us work with you to create a #stunning, #professional #website that will drive sales and bring your business into the online world.

We can also help you set up #social #media profiles - and show you how to get the most out of them.

This isn't #digital #marketing - it is marketing in a digital age.

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