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The next stop in robotics.
The next stop in robotics.

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PRIDE = Personal Responsibility In Developing EXCELLENCE! 
AKA: It is NO ONE ELSE'S job but our own to tell us what we can and can not do! We have to become personally responsible for our own future and Develop it to the level of excellence we expect! 

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Amway and the Holidays!
I again appoligise for taking so long to do another post. I had open brain surgery, Yes I am doing fine and YES I still got a check from Amway every month. There have been some comments about how much money you need to spend to do LTD and Amway, as well as ...

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Like I said earlier the other part to this business is sales. To have a business is having customers you have to have customers to have a business so for this blog I will put a number of my experiences with my products, pictures, videos, answer questions, whatever you would like to know please feel free to ask or call me and I would be more than happy to talk to you about."

With this being said Customers are a big part of Amway. It is also from what I have read about the number one reason that people leave Amway. It is hard to get customers. Some people have been told to call all of there friends and family members and beg them to buy products from them. Lets face it NO ONE LIKES THIS!!!!! For me I didn't feel comfortable asking my family to buy products from me. I have had WAY to many cousins call and try to get me to buy this or that or give them money or get into there business.

The other choice is to go out and Find customers. Well lets see were else you can find customers: Work, School, Church, Community events, Businesses, Online, Random people you meet, exc... It takes a LOT to go out and find customers. I found this hard also at first. How could I sell products that I my self didn't believe in? I had never used the products. I had never tried them, I didn't know what they would do for the people I was trying to sell them too. I felt like a walking telemarketer. 


One of the BEST things about the group that I became a part of that met at Denny's with Justin and Laura is that they pushed me to be better. They recommended books that helped to change my way of thinking, Books that explained the difference in personality's, ways of thinking, setting goals, the fact that I have to make the changes that I want for my future. Books such as:
The Magic of Thinking Big,
Rich Dad Poor Dad,
Get Over Yourself,
How to have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People,
Master Key to Riches,
Bringing Out the Best in People,
The Go-Getter, The Magic of Thinking Big,
Hung by the Tongue,
How I Raised myself from Failure to Success,
The Greatest Miracle in the World,
The Choice, The Art of Dealing with People,
The Greatest Salesman in The World, Skill with People,
Acres of Diamonds, Boundaries,
Winning without Intimidation,
How to win friends and Influence people,
Personality Plus,
The Pursuit,
The Five Love Languages,
Go for No 

Out of All of these book I finally decided that I needed to make the choice my self to get out there and get customers. Like I said earlier the number one reason people leave is because they don't make money. Well if you don't have customers you are not going to make money. After reading all of these and many, many upset nights with myself and everyone in the business team around me I had a phone conversation with Laura. She flat out asked me, "Diane, What do you expect from us to build your business for you? That is Not going to happen!" It was a big changing moment for me.

It is true I was expecting people to just buy things from me with out me doing anything just because I was there and reading books and showing up but I was not "doing the work" to find myself customers.

I started to buy some of my own products and try them and see how I liked them to see if I liked it. It is hard to Honestly sell something that you don't believe in even if it is your own business. The First product that I ever purchased was a Variety case of XS Energy drink for 26.88$ They way I saw it was that I was buying another Energy drink every day at work thew the vending machine or on my way to work as I got gas so Why not try something that I was already buying but with so many flavors what one to get? So I got the Variety. I decided that I really really like the Caffeine-free Cranberry-Grape Blast, and the Peach Tea Blast. I was in amazement that the Cranberry-Grape stated like soda (carbonated and everything) and the Peach Tea was sweet even though All of the Energy drinks have 0 Sugar. I had finally found a product I could stand behind!

Soon after I was talking to some of my friends when out one night who ordered a bunch of cases for a party. I was excited that just by HONESTLY trusting and liking the products that I was now making by business people were buying them! My life was changed!!!!!!

Since this has happened XS has now came out with Larger can's and even more flavors as well as Energy shots. if you have questions please feel free to email or call me =)

My Name is Diane, and I was first introduced to Amway in 2008. I was 20 at the time and working three jobs. I worked full time at Bergners Department store in the morning, part time at Bandana's BBQ Restaurant for part of the lunch rush and All of the dinner rush, and full time at Denny's Restaurant in the middle of the night. I admit Denny's was my favorite at the time. The people who go to Denny's in the middle of the night are fun. I always thought it would be drunk college kids, creepy old men who had nothing better to do but to hit on young girls but nope. It was usually yes the drunk college kids, but cute little old lady's, and Every Thursday a BIG group of people who would sit in the back room and talk about the joy of being a team and being a family and planning for the future and the future of there families and the plans they had for each other and the fact that no team works well unless it is unified. It was an amazing experience.They were never rude, never messy, usually only ordered waters, soda, ice cream, and the occasional fries or sandwich but they Always tipped amazingly!

I loved listening to this group on Thursday nights. The dream building they did for me without even knowing me was more than I can ever explain. The other servers would beg me to take them because they would "try to get you into there business." I thought it was funny that after helping them for about a year listening to the amazing people talk from all over the country. I remember one night they had this guy from Chicago come down with his wife and him and his wife talked about the fact that he was only in his 20's but next month he was planning on letting his wife stay home forever because she was "the most important thing to me in the entire world." To hear men talk about there wives like that was amazing!

All I knew about them was that they were some business team that were so team and family oriented that whatever they did couldn't be bad. I don't know about you but I have had a plenty of job's in my life and Never in my life have I seen a team of people talk about helping others with there families and there dreams of letting there wives be stay at home mothers.

One night I had to ask someone what they did. I asked a woman named Laura Sharp. That question changed my life forever! She and her husband asked me if I could take my break and talk for a few minutes. When we talked they told me that they worked with a company that helps people to reach there goals in life. It is not easy money, in fact sometimes it is really really hard. It would involve some sales but most of it is just re-directing the money that I am already spending at stores in my area on things I need to buy every month, such as toilet paper, soap, makeup, skin care products, Energy drinks (yes I said Energy drinks), to my own online store and the money that I have been spending at other stores I would now get paid for buying.

I was like DUH wow that is a NO brainier why hadn't I thought of that. Physical stores mark up prices so much that it would make since that if I buy things from my self I would get paid for it! Then I asked about why then come here and talk about the team, families and such.

Laura and her husband Justin then asked me if I could do One thing in my entire life what would it be? Money not being an issue what would it be...... That is a hard question to ask a 20 year old but I have always wanted to be a stay at home mom when I have kids. I would Love to be able to let my kids know that I am home for them and there friends and have my house be the house that everyone wants to come to not run from.

We talked and talked about goals and team building and the fact that, that is why everyone was there. To help each other reach there goals. Some want to buy houses, some want to travel, some want to help there parents, exc.... What do you want?

Like I said earlier the other part to this business is sales. To have a business is having customers you have to have customers to have a business so for this blog I will put a number of my experiences with my products, pictures, videos, answer questions, whatever you would like to know please feel free to ask or call me and I would be more than happy to talk to you about.

This is my experience with Amway and I am more than happy to talk about it. I am not saying it has been easy. There have been months that I have not made money and there have been months that I have made just under 1000.00. It takes work! But I am willing to work. =) My Dreams are worth it!
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