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Nicholas Schreiber

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Wibke Ladwig originally shared:
gute kampagne :-). darüber sollten alle mal nachdenken, die viel geld für ihre kaffee-kapseln ausgeben. von dem müll, der dabei entsteht, ganz abgesehen.
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Nicholas Schreiber

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Nicholas Schreiber

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zwetan kjukov originally shared:
Hey flash dev folks, if you can work freelance on the London area and you are an hardcore dev, we need some people to help on a very advanced flash project
(we mean it)

what is it about ?

It is a networked application that connect desktop clients with touchscreen running AIR and iPad2 clients running an AIR app

over the network we requests basic services from AMFPHP
we also do real-time communication with a socket server
(based on redtamarin and so programmed in AS3, yep server side AS3 baby!)

One local server connect everything, and you can have from 10 to 100s of concurrent clients.

The AIR clients are basically VOD (Video On Demand) applications,
people can select video to play by categories, channels etc.

(that's a very short summary to give you a taste of what the application is supposed to do, once you're in we have full tech spec, details, requirements, mockups etc.)

What skills do you need ?
Simply put we need veterans coder that can work on a very complex application from day one (we have 3 already but we need more).

- you need to know AS3 and the Flash Platform like the back of your hand
- you need to know very well the following:
Ant, Subversion, Trac
either Eclipse+FDT or Flash Builder 4/4.5
(eg. you do know how to work with MXMLC on the command line)
- You need to know how to write unit tests
(not necessary TDD but you need to be able to provide a good coverage of your classes, you need to know how to mock a class for ex)
- you need to be able to write clean and advanced Object Oriented code
and need to understand basic concepts like "Inversion of Control",
"Visitor pattern", etc. or you need to be able to make the difference
between a Queue, a Stack and a Map for ex.

What we don't want
- if you never compiled anything with AIR or don't know what AIR is, don't bother
- if the only way you know to program an app is PureMVC,
[or any other micro-architecture ala mode], etc.
but you are lost reading advanced Object Oriented code, sorry not gonna work.
In fact you should be good to the point you can write your own MVC framework
under a week.
- someone who gonna rant every day because we don't use Git/Maven/etc.
sorry we don't have time to waste on that kind of things
- you know X but don't know Y
sorry we don't have time to teach you what you don't know,
you need to be able to work from day one

- you love socket programming
- you love ByteArray programming
- Creator or contributor to open source project(s)
- you know what is Tamarin, even better you already heard of RedTamarin

About us
- We use source control
- We build in one step with automated build
- We build daily
- We use a bug database
- We fix bugs before writing new code
- We do Test Driven Development (TDD)
- We have a spec for each project
- We are agile (think XP with KanBan)
- Our schedule is up-to-date
- We do hallway usability testing
so if you have what it takes send me an email trough the g+ contact
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Nicholas Schreiber

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Men in Hats Watching the Sky Coco Chanel Robert Kennedy Conversing With Edward Kennedy Buddhist Monk Committing Ritual Suicide Famous Guests at the "Crescendo" Bomb Drill Cups and Saucers on Rope Walk...
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Nicholas Schreiber

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The world is not a peaceful place. Impressive retrospect of the years 2000-2010.
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Nicholas Schreiber

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SUBSCRIBE TO NEW SCIENTIST. Select a country, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russian Federation, Other. New Scientist. Log in. Email. Password. Remember me. Your login is case se...
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Nicholas Schreiber

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The sketchbook is an artist's BFF. It's a place where artists can most comfortably explore their personal thoughts, practice, maintain a visual history, and keep unpolished sketches that will eventual...
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Nicholas Schreiber

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Beautiful Images
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Nicholas Schreiber

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You are feasting your eyes on leather hides, ladies and gentlemen. “Leather-etch” artist Mark Evans was featured previously back in April 2010. Evans first caught our attention with his unique art pie...
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