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Body & Mind (Traci French)
Body and Mind, the largest and most reliable alternative health directory website in South Africa
Body and Mind, the largest and most reliable alternative health directory website in South Africa


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Are you ready to smell the roses and ignore the thorns?
Are you willing to experience the full joys, pleasures and sweetness of life?
If your answer is YES then you are saying YES to a new POSITIVE NEW!

Shed the years of negativity and step into your true positive essence. Exude confidence and self esteem. Reclaim your true Divine worth and shining potential....and discover your true authentic self...A brand new POSITIVE you!

Embark on this transformational journey with me for 4 weeks. This program includes 4 weekly 1:1 sessions or via Skype/Zoom worldwide. Each session is 90 min- 2 hours and will be designed for your personal challenges using the techniques of The Journey, Brain Gym and Life Coaching.

If you learn the art of becoming positive under any circumstance, then you can achieve anything! Farah Manjoo is a Female and Kids Empowerment Coach, a mother-of - three children and the founder of Baraaqa Healing Sanctuary and Learning Centre based in KZN- Stanger, Ballito and Durban.

She offers a holistic approach to healing and empowerment. Find out more about this program and the various services she offers. Link:
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The undeniable power of touch!

I was recently invited by the owner, Sne of ‘Physique Aid’ in Cowey Road Morningside (Durban) to indulge in one of their many therapies on offer and as I was suffering (badly) from tension, sore muscles and back pain. I opted for the ‘Deep Tissue Massage’ experience, and boy what an experience it was! My therapist Cassey was incredible to say the least!

Upon arrival I was informed about the treatment and what to expect. When I asked about the difference between the various massages they explained that ‘Deep Tissue’ massage focuses mainly on muscle to relief pressure and tension whereas ‘Swedish” massage was more a general overall relaxation of the body as a whole. I desperately needed specific areas targeted hence my choice of therapy. She went on to explain that as ‘Deep Tissue’ massage also targets deeper muscles by zoning in on the tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints) the overall result was amazing especially for those of us suffering from chronic muscle tension.

Read More here:
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Leadership Embodiment

Leadership Embodiment works at the level of our nervous system allowing us to reduce stress and increase wellbeing, as well as developing leadership presence and greater self-agency.

In Leadership Embodiment we are interested in recovering our center, developing leadership presence, and grow our capacity for big picture thinking, compassion and confidence, instead of being trapped by our concerns for control, approval and safety.
Research tells us that least 70% of all communication is non-verbal. Learning to unify the body's message with what is being said enhances our ability for effective leadership and relationships.

Leadership Embodiment is a process that develops new patterns that can meet challenges and adversity with more resilience, endurance and compassion.

We learn the competencies of speaking up clearly and without aggression, listening without taking things personally, and being inclusive so that others feel welcomed into our presence. This translates into being more capable in relationships, including with ourself, as well as developing a greater sense of ease in difficult situations.

The roots of the work are mindfulness and a martial art, called Aikido. We offer self-development programs, retreats, and coach training.

For more information about the work and courses:


+Karen White
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Life Alignment with Christine Hardy

My heart, passion and expertise as a Bio- Energy healer and teacher is to assist guide and empower you to get to the heart of any matter that's stressing you. I'm trained to read your bodies energy to find the root cause that is holding you back from reaching your optimum health and happiness.

Special package for August.

Long distance Vortex sessions with 30 min Skype consult available as a package.
Book now for your Special package or gift a friend in need
(minimum of 3 sessions recommended)

South Africa ZAR: 750 per session. Total R2250.00
Other Countries AUD $100 Total $300

Facebook: Life Alignment with Christine Hardy
+Christine Hardy
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‘Learn to read the Akashic Records’ Course starting 6 September, 2018

Are you currently feeling like your spiritual business is stuck, the value that you are giving to your clients is limited? Do you feel like you can’t connect properly with your guides or receive guidance for others that you are serving? I was there too until I found the Akashic Records and I have never looked back!

I am very excited to launch this course teaching you how to read the Akashic Records. You don’t need to be ‘psychic’ or ‘special’ to read the Akashic Records, you just need to learn and practice.
In this 9 week course, which you can either attend weekly, in-person in Somerset West or via a group video session, you will be guided and supported by myself. I will attune you to access the Akashic Records and show you step-by-step how to maximise the experience of accessing the Records. You will be given access to the 8 modules via my website, consisting of a teaching manual, documents and videos for each module and the recordings of each weekly session in case you can’t make a class.

Space is limited, so click on the link below for more info and book today!

+Yolandi Boshoff
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Chirology – Palmistry – Hand Reading Lessons.

Study with me personally or at home via Skype or email. A 20 lesson training course for anyone drawn to holding and reading people’s hands. The course comprises 20 Lessons of 1.5 hours each. We explore your own hands, their features and meanings, how to develop intuition, how to channel, counsel and coach with integrity.
We study all aspects of palmistry, past and present trends, including scientific health research with in-depth study of lines, shapes, skin textures, dermatoglyphics, fingers and thumbs.

Upon enrolling, you’ll receive copies of my 4 published books: ‘Illustrated Chirology, Palmistry and Hand Reading’, ‘God Given Glyphs - Fingerprints’, ‘The Craft of Hand Reading’ and ‘Cross Referencing Traits A – Z’. You receive an A4 x 130 page illustrated bound training manual, assorted reference notes and sample hand prints.

You’ll have my undivided attention and support and receive an attractive certificate upon completion. Investment is R12,800 – I ask R2,400 deposit - flexible payment terms thereafter. Dates and times to suit, by arrangement.

If you’d like to include channeling, counseling and coaching with chirology as part of your healer’s toolkit, contact Jennifer on 0824150653 or email or visit
I’m based in Parkview Johannesburg.

+Jennifer Hirsch
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Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat

On the 4/5th August, we have Dharmagiri's Annual General Meeting, after which, our scheduled retreats continue.

Come & join us for one of these amazing retreats:
Sept 7 - 12, Unchain the Mind, A Writing Retreat with Bobby Marie

This will not be a traditional 'writing skills workshop' or a gathering of writers. It is a space where anybody, the you and I, can explore the power of our own words in the form of writing. This retreat will be held in (joyful) silence, allowing us to be together while listening inwards.

Oct 26 - 28, Doodling, Dreaming, Describing & Discovering, A Meditative Approach to Drawing with John Roome

This retreat will explore the meditative side of drawing. Drawing is not usually thought of as a form of meditation, yet drawing and meditation practice have a surprising number of commonalities.
Drawing requires you to lose yourself, drop your ego, and immerse yourself in the subject of your drawing. A Zen master once said, “To draw bamboo you must become bamboo”.

The retreat is open to both beginners and experienced drawers. I will introduce a number of different approaches to drawing ranging from playful doodling to careful observation.

More Info:
Bookings: Penny Jane at or Cell: 082 473 5525
Cost of all retreats: Daily rate per person per night R550 single ensuite – R450 shared twin. + Teacher Support & Travel surcharge

+Marlene Howie
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Touch the Soul Guided Healing Journey to John of God

The Miracle Man of Brazil

You are invited to participate in a once in a life time Spiritual pilgrimage to experience the healing gifts of John of God at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil.

If you are physically sick; if you are feeling lost, looking for clarity on how to make a meaningful contribution to your life and in the world; finding yourself in a pattern of negative emotions or toxic relationships; seeking to improve your relationships and create deeper connections; having difficulty shifting perspectives, wanting to find your higher purpose; or simply seeking a sacred space to discover the hidden treasures of your rich inner landscape, reconnect with the Divine within and expand your spiritual gifts , it may well be your time to see John of God.

Join official Casa Guide Christine Wyllie on this Life Transforming Sacred Journey

21 October to 3 November Limited Space available

Read more

+Christine Wyllie
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Cheryl-Ann at CompleteHealing4me provides the client, adult or child, with a comprehensive, holistic healing solution aimed at not only the physical body, but also the mind and spirit.

The following modalities are offered:

There are many ways of conceptualizing and handling issues raised during counselling.

TRE ( Tension/Trauma Release Exercises):
TRE is the bodies natural way of healing itself by releasing neurogenic tremors that release the build up of stress, anxiety and tension caused by life events.

Self-Esteem Therapy:
Courses are offered either on an individual basis or as a group for parents of young children who wish to build and maintain healthy self-esteem in their children.

Chakra Balancing:
The aura is a subtle energy field that surrounds the body.

Ancient Egyptian Energy Healing:
Energy is channeled from Lords of Light such as Thoth and Sananda, who have very strong connections to Ancient Egypt and are well respected for their healing abilities.

For more information, visit their Body and Mind member page, Click link below.
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