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yeah, well I really dig Ed!

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With the Skylark "experiment" behind him, Paul Desmond reverted back to the relaxed quartet format that suited him well in the past. The reason?

Through Jim Hall, he found a little-known, splendid guitarist in Toronto named Ed Bickert who became his new gigmate in 1974, and this album was meant to show his discovery off. In fact, it sparked a Desmond renaissance where he regained a good deal of the witty spark and erudite cool of his collaborations with Hall, no matter how unfashionable it was to play this way in 1974. Bickert is an even more reticent player than Hall, softer in touch and temperament, but eminently musical, enough to fire up Desmond's creativity.

Old Desmond hand Connie Kay lends sympathy and comfort on drums, and Ron Carter is on bass. "Squeeze Me," "Everything I Love," and "Till the Clouds Roll By" are the best examples of the empathy at work here but any track will do, including the two outtakes on the first CD release, the "Song from M*A*S*H" (which, come to think of it, always had a Desmond-like wistfulness about it) and Jobim's "Wave," which develops a suavely songful quality midway through.(AllMusic)...
01.Squeeze Me (F.Waller/C.Williams)...(00:00)
02.I'm Old Fashioned (J.Kern/J.Mercer)...(04:32)
03.Nuages (J.Larue/D.Reinhardt/S.Williams).(09:27)
04.Why Shouldn't I? (Cole Porter)...(14:43)
05.Everything I Love (Cole Porter)...(18:18)
06.Warm Valley (Duke Ellington)...(22:08)
07.Till the Clouds Roll By (J.Kern/P.G.Wodehouse)...(26:35)
08.Mean to Me (F.E.Ahlert/R.Turk)...(30:44)
Bonus track on CD reissue:
09.Theme from M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless)(Johnny Mandel)...(36:31).
1.Paul Desmond - alto saxophone
2.Ed Bickert - electric guitar
3.Ron Carter - bass
4.Connie Kay - drums.

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Sunao Wada began playing the guitar at the age of 11, and at an early stage of his career decided to become the "No. 1 blues guitarist in Japan." Now he says that there's no "No. 1" in music, but many people in Japan agree that he did become just that.

Sunao Wada - Blues Blues Blues (TBM West Germany Edition)(1977) (TBM Japan, issued 2000)

1 Nothing But The Tonic 0:00
(Sunao Wada)
2 Ocha-Ocha 6:55
(Sunao Wada)
3 Local Men's Blues 14:26
(Masaru Imada)
4 Blues Men 21:09
(Isao Suzuki, Sunao Wada)
5 Blues In The Closet 25:48
(Oscar Pettiford)
6 A Good Deal Of The Blues 32:04
(Sunao Wada)

Recorded July 26 + 27 1977 of Epicurus Studio, Tokyo, Japan

Manufactured By – Toshiba EMI Ltd
Recorded At – Epicurus Studio
Art Direction – Ben Nishizawa
Bass – Isao Suzuki
Drums – Tetsujiro Obara
Electric Guitar – Sunao Wada
Organ – Masaru Imada
Piano – Masaru Imada
Engineer [Cutting] – Mitsuharu Kobayashi
Producer – Takeshi "Tee" Fujii*
Recording Supervisor – Yoshihiko Kannari

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Such a great player...

Edward Isaac Bickert - jazz guitarist (born 29 November 1932 in Hochfeld, MB). Canada's best-known jazz guitarist, Ed Bickert developed a unique, understated style of considerable harmonic sophistication.Rooted in bebop, his intuitive, pianistic approach is characterized by lyrical and rhythmic ease, a deceptively complex simplicity and a generally muted tone.

He is noted for his work with Ron Collier, Rob McConnell, Don Thompson and Moe Koffman, and achieved international prominence through his work in the mid-1970s with American saxophonist Paul Desmond. A Member of the Order of Canada, Bickert won a Juno Award and multiple National Jazz Awards, and played on dozens of Juno- and Grammy-nominated and award-winning recordings.

In the 1950s, Bickert was a member of Norman Symonds' jazz octet and also played with Ron Collier (1954–66) and with Phil Nimmons (1957–70). He played in most of Moe Koffman's successive jazz groups beginning in 1956, and in the Boss Brass beginning in 1968. He also did a great deal of studio work in Toronto until the early 1970s, and performed intermittently with the groups of Peter Appleyard and Hagood Hardy, among others, as well as in duos with Don Thompson and Boss Brass bandleader Rob McConnell.

Formed in 1974, Bickert’s own trio — with Thompson (bass) and Terry Clarke (drums) — played widely throughout Canada in clubs, at festivals and on CBC Radio. In 1979, the trio played the Bracknell, Northsea and Montreux jazz festivals during a European tour sponsored by Radio Canada International (see Music at the CBC). During the 1970s and early 1980s, Bickert (with Thompson, Clarke and others) accompanied many American jazz stars at the Toronto club Bourbon Street, including Paul Desmond, Chet Baker, Red Norvo, Milt Jackson and Frank Rosolino.

His work with Desmond from 1974 to 1976 first brought Bickert international attention. In 1979, he toured with Jackson in Japan. During the 1980s, Bickert appeared on international stages with Koffman, Appleyard and the Boss Brass, and at several festivals in Concord, California. He signed with the Concord Jazz label in 1983 and recorded numerous albums, including several as a sideman for such artists as Rosemary Clooney and Benny Carter. In 1987 he returned to Japan with the Concord All Stars. In Toronto during the 1980s, Bickert also performed and recorded in a quartet with tenor saxophonist Rick Wilkins or guitarist Lorne Lofsky and various bassists and drummers.

After injuring both of his arms in a fall in the mid-1990s, Bickert took time off to recover before returning to playing and touring. He contributed to Mike Murley’s Juno Award-winning albums Murley, Bickert & Wallace: Live at the Senator (2000) and Test of Time (2012; recorded in 1999), before retiring his Fender Telecaster in 2002.

Bickert taught briefly at the Advanced School of Contemporary Music in Toronto during the early 1960s, at the Banff Centre for the Arts 1978–80, and at the University of New Brunswick Chamber Music and Jazz Festival in 1978 and 1982. He was a formative influence on a generation of Toronto jazz guitarists that includes Lorne Lofsky, Roy Patterson, Rob Piltch, Reg Schwager and Geoff Young.

Best Jazz Recording (Sackville 4005), Juno Awards (1980)
Member, Order of Canada (1996)
Various, National Jazz Awards...(Historica Canada).
01.You're In Love With Someone (J.V.Heusen/J.Burke)...(00:00)
02.Bye Bye Baby (J.Styne/L.Robin)...(04:21)
03.Barbados (Charlie Parker)...(08:02)
04.It's Time ( Horace Silver)...(12:14)
05.Nobody Else But Me (J.Kern/O.Hammerstein)...(16:17)
06.Things Are Getting Better (Cannonball Adderley)...(21:15)
07.A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing (Billy Strayhorn)...(25:50)
08.Pensativa (Clare Fischer)...(31:23)
09.Keeping Myself for You (S.Clare/V.Youmans)...(36:09)
1.Ed Bickert - guitar
2.Dave McKenna - piano
3.Steve Wallace - bass
4.Jake Hanna - drums.

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This is an Orchestra...oh boy!

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...nothing to just have to know how...

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Oh Lordy, Ed got major soul!!!!

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