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What an amazing piece of work!!!
Curiot and Jason Botkin were recently invited in Mexico to paint this new piece for the IPAF on the island of Holbox, a true Caribbean treasure, located in the northern part of the Yucatan Peninsula.
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+Bryan Contreras exploratory reading material if you care...:-) 
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I just got my shocks replaced and other things. When I take my car to get fixed - anywhere, I always feel nervous because you don't know what's actually wrong until the mechanic looks at it. It's like watching a loved one go into surgery and then waiting in the lobby for the doctor to come back with the prognosis. Sam's knowledge of cars made me feel relaxed and comfortable. He was straight up and honest with me. While my car went through the free inspection, I waited in the small office with Sam's wife. She, too, made me feel welcomed and relaxed. She informed me that Sam has a background in engineering, so he knows machines and their parts. My car also needs a new coat of paint on the hood. Sam also has a body shop next door and gave me a great quote on that! They also do tires, which my car also needs. His price was, again, really good!. Bottom line, this place is the real deal. They are really fair and reasonable and not out to screw you over.
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