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4th Annual Treasure Coast Para Unity Conference

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Cryptid Con and the Mothman Festival

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2017 Ohio Bigfoot Conference

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Blog Spot 1

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G.I. Joe's Cryptozoolical Adventures
           The moon’s glow gave an eerie outline
to the towering giants. The mountains of the Himalayas towered above the mysterious
land for miles. These were the highest mountains in the world and the largest
of them all, Mount Everest, sat as a mighty gu...

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Expedition Bigfoot The Sasquatch Museum
Hey Legend Trippers,              In my new book Legend Tripping: The Ultimate
Adventure, I talk about going on day legend trip which are nothing more than visiting
places that you only need a day to visit and explore like a museum or
historical place. Some...

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A tribute to Smokey Crabtree
Julius E "Smokey" Crabtree 1927-2016 In this post I want to
pay tribute to a person who is quite prominent in the Bigfoot community and a
really neat man. I found out yesterday that Smokey Crabtree passed away at the
age of 88. Anybody whose anybody in the ...

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The Clearwater Monster Tracks
Ivan T. Sanderson holding as casting of the Clearwater monster    Hey Legend Trippers,          Do I have a tale to tell. This is one of Florida’s popular monster stories. This tale has been featured in many books about cryptozoology and unknown animals. Iv...

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The 3rd Annual Boggy Creek Festival at Fouke Arkansas

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What is your favorite legend!
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