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Heather Dunn
Writing for human connection and wonder.
Writing for human connection and wonder.

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There’s a sun-faded, wallet-size photograph of a bear that
hangs on a ribbon from the rear view mirror of my Mom’s Subaru Forrester.  The bear’s name is Melody.  Clipped to the photo is a small package of
melba toast crackers, for the bear who isn’t in the ...

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Psychotheraputic Halloween
When I was four, I was pretty sure there was a monster in my
closet.  There were slats on the doors,
and I knew it was peering out at me while I laid in bed, trying to fall
asleep.  The moment I dropped off, it
would come creeping out, careful not to wake m...

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The Waiting Game
I went to the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference in July
with two goals.  I wanted to know if my
book was ready; where the quality of structure and writing was in relation to
books getting published. My other goal was to find a way forward.  I pitched The...

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Top 5 Writers Conference Wins
I was lucky enough to go to the Pacific Northwest Writer's Conference this weekend.  Four days of meeting other writers at all stages, pitching my book, The Januarium, to agents and editors, and poorly managing my caffeine addiction.  Here are my top 5 pers...

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About the Book, pt 1
The Blog About the Book, part 1 I’ve tried to write novels before.  There was one I started when I lived in
Mexico called Ballet Commandos of Tacoma, which collapsed into plotless mush
20,000 words in.  Then there was
Wrestling Zebedee, an epic graphic nove...

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I don't generally believe in writing poems, but for better or worse, one fell out of me earlier today. 

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One way to down it
I wish I could be old right now.   Rewind me a few months from death, fingers
knotted and aching, breath unreliable. 
What luck to steal a few hours of age from myself, or a day or a week—work
up my tolerance and understand what will go missing, then, when ...

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Thin Line from Crazy
Beverly Dove (not her real name)  has the most amazing handwriting—the kind
they’d given up teaching by the time I rolled through the penmanship grades in
the eighties.  It’s all over everything she’s
dropped off in her packet: over a map she’s drawn and co...

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My first comic published! Or at least published by someone other than myself. It's in the newly released issue Boneshaker: A Bicycling Almanac.  Here's the comic.

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I'm excited to share the comic I just had published in Boneshaker: A Bicycling Almanac out of Wolverine Farm Publishing in Fort Collins Colorado.  For those of you who can't find a copy, here's the comic.  Domo Arigato to Michael Jones for helping me with t...
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