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Aside from this ridiculous review - how the hell does Maps, an amazing app, have 86,000 1 star ratings?
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It amazes me how much people will complain about shit they get for FREE. I've always been astounded by people who praise vznav and trash Google maps.
I would complaint about anything I got for free IF I felt that my personal information was being recorded. In this case, the app just needs to make phone calls because you can look for a place, and if that place has a listed number, you can call it right from the app. I think that in some parts of the world, people have started to breed with animals, and this is the result xD
becoz it is a system app and people can't remove it without rooting. some people might think it is a waste of space.
It need you to use your brain to figure out how it works?
+Tiago Cerqueira But that functionality can be implemented without the permission with the change that pressing a number in Maps opens the phone dialer with number filled in. Not that I really care in this case since Maps is a built-in app.
Yeah, cause his Transformer can make phone calls. Makes absolute sense.
You mean, one star isn't the highest rating??
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