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Radiant Barrier Foil & Spray: Some studies show that radiant barriers can reduce cooling costs from 5% to 10% when used in a warm, sunny climate. #homeperformance #HVAC #infographic

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A big thank you to all attendees that attended the Core/T 101 Home Performance Boot Camp this week. We hope you all found the #training and overall experience as valuable as Daniel did!

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The Home & Duct Performance approach provides permanent solutions to problems instead of using "band aids" for symptoms.
#HVAC #HomePerformance #knowledgeispower  

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“Comfort Institute’s training is great. They work in the real world and know their stuff . It opened our eyes and got us to look at HVAC differently. This is the missing piece of the puzzle. We are now identifying problems and offering solutions that other contractors are not doing. We have less callbacks and more referrals.”
John Waldorf, Estes Heating & Air Conditioning, Atlanta GA

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Home & Duct Performance Technical Fact: Only 20% of the air leaks in most homes let in fresh air. The other 80% first passes through contaminated garages, attics, crawlspaces, walls or even underground. #knowledgeispower #HVAC #HomePerformance #infographic

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Don’t Assume That All Contractors Are “Pretty Much The Same”. In this special report, we'll show you how exactly you can find a home performance expert in your area.

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Learn how a specially trained Comfort and Air Quality Consultant can diagnose and solve multiple problems in your home permanently. Comfort Institute Member Contractors are professionally trained to use advanced diagnostic instruments and testing procedures to ensure that your home's living environment is efficient, comfortable, safe, and healthy.

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"Heating and cooling contractors need to be moving towards Home Performance Contracting to satisfy more of the home owner's needs and really take care of the total house problem" - Chandler Von Schrader, US EPA/EnergyStar Program - Visit for more information

#HomePerformance #EnergyStar #HVAC

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This four day intensive class teaches the fundamentals of home performance and building science. It is designed primarily for HVAC Contractors "going beyond the box." It is the recommended first technical class for new CI Members and staff. The class also prepares attendees to take the optional Building Performance Institute Building Analyst and Envelope Professional Written Exams on Day 5.


Or Call: 800-933-5656

*This class is eligible for 16 BPI Continuing Education Units and 32 NATE Continuing Education Hours.  

What You'll learn:
• Building science fundamentals 
• House as a system interactions 
• Rules of air, heat and moisture flow 
• Six air infiltration driving forces 
• Infiltration/duct leakage impacts on dust, humidity, comfort, utilities, CO & IAQ 
• Fundamentals of heat transfer, gain and loss 
• Construction, pressure, & energy terminology 
• Hands on Blower Door, Ductester/Manometer use 
• How to interpret Blower door test results 
• How to calculate BPI building airflow standard 
• How to determine Thermal/Pressure boundaries 
• How to perform Series Pressure Diagnostics 
• Hands on Infrared camera use and interpretation 
• Air infiltration repair prioritization, materials and techniques 
• How to measure building envelope area/volume 
• How to remove contaminated attic insulation 
• Insulation properties, R-values and U-factors 
• How to perform BPI CO, spillage, CAZ depressurization & draft testing 
• Basic duct leakage and airflow evaluation 
• Utility bill disaggregation 
• Baseload electrical savings opportunities 
• BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Professional Standards

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Learn the fundamental skills needed to perform a Whole House Checkup. Our upcoming training class in Irving Texas includes hands on training with Blower Doors, Manometers, Ductesters and more. Participants are prepared for the optional BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Professional online certification exams on day 5. Give us a call or register online to secure your spot! 800-933-5656
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