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#Autchat: Six Months of Showing the Diversity of Autism.
Note: For those who want to be able to jump between sections more easily, I made an indexed version as a Google Doc; the link is here . Introduction / What is #Autchat? Approximately six months ago, on February 4 th , 2015, a group of autistic activists, my...

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The War on Autism is now a Crusade: Autism Speaks Doubles Down on Combative Language
 The idea of combative language is nothing new; I myself wrote a blog post three years ago decrying its use by most in the Autism Community (But not the Autistic Community. Big difference there.) In summary, I demonstrated that the use of those combative te...

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Lindt Logic: How the Autistic Community United with Humor in the Face of Ignorance and Dismissal
On March 10, 2015 Lindt Chocolate
posted a tweet from Autism Speaks ( @autismspeaks ) on their US Twitter
account ( @Lindt_Chocolate ) that they would be hosting their 6 th annual Gold Bunny Celebrity auction in support of the organization.
Autism Speaks h...
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