I'm starting to sound like an old geezer... but I wish for a world where shallowness was for the losers. 

Remember this?  http://goo.gl/cXnLC  

This was what the web looked like back in 1997. It was animated gifs galore. Everything was blinking, flashing, whooping, or bobbing.

...and we hated it!

So the world of animated gifs disappeared. 

Until 2013... when suddenly, we see exactly the same thing being repeated in all it's crappiness. The only difference is that the Animated gifs are now much bigger and in better quality. 

And the problem is that new social service are making it easier to be crappy. Twitter's Vine is essentially just 6 seconds of animated gifs (disguised as a video). Google has it's 'auto-awesome', Microsoft launched 'blink' yesterday, creating internet memes out of 16 photos that you take in rapid succession (http://goo.gl/n8vZY).

And then we have the media who, in an effort to be hip, starts to add animated gifs into their articles. Making it completely impossible to actually read anything because the page is constantly blinking.

This is 1997 all over again. 

And the problem is that whenever a new services comes out, it is immediately tainted by this low-quality fluff. 

One example. +Chris Messina posted about 'to be', a new startup: "To Be provides a space and a set of tools to compose with all the senses of the internet, in a setting as private or open as you want. Where creators and dreamers can make things together for themselves, for others, for everyone."

Sounds cool. So I went to see what it was about, and what do you think I found? Yep... crappy animated gifs: http://tobe.us/tobe/likes

This could have been such a great startup, but now I simple don't care.

I'm sorry if I sound like an old geezer. But we have been here before. We tried it, it quickly became incredibly annoying, and we moved on.

Animation is wonderful when done for a reason. Animation done 'just because you can' is 1997 all over again :)
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