Engaging Through Shared Experiences.

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This week on What's Your Story?, please accept +Samsung USA's social media manager - +Esteban Contreras!!

Content has drastically changed the way people communicate. Digital campaigns have evolved in the past decade from interactive (think Burger King’s Subservient Chicken), to shareable (think Evian’s Roller Babies and Nike’s Write the Future), user generated (think Doritos’ UGC Super Bowl ads), multi-faceted (think Bing’s Jay-Z Decoded, Heineken’s Star Player, and Red Bull’s Supernatural with Shazam), collaborative (think Converse’s Three Artists, One Song series), personalized (think Intel’s Museum of Me) and, of course, social (think Old Spice Man).

This Thursday will be talking about how Esteban brings it all together to a viral experience at Samsung USA.

This will be a shorter Hangout so if you want Esteban to take your questions, make sure you post them bellow between now and Thur.

And as always:
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