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A crying webserver on my blog ..... ( the idea has been copied from somewhere credits are mentioned on the page ) . #WebServer, #Crying , #depressed  #depressedWebserver

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Facebook Sample Question and my 20 min Solution in C++
While surfing on the internet and a bit of facebooking I came across facebook's university careers page . At the end of that page I found a link to facebook programming challenge  . While reading the guidelines, there was a link to  their sample test. I was...

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Running jnlp ( java webstart ) files on linux [ubuntu]
Few days back, I had to use a plagiarism detection software , known as JPlag  , for some obvious reasons. The client program for jplag is available as JNLP  file. I was previously a windows' user ( currently running linux ) so my expectations were that  I o...

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8086 Assembly Debugging with AFD - Advance Full Screen Debug [PART 2 - Advance]
In the  last tutorial we have covered some basic features of AFD  to get you started . Lets look at some advance features that will make debugging 16 bit assembly programs less painful. This image is from last tutorial in which we divided the AFD display in...

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8086 Assembly Debugging with AFD - Advance Full Screen Debug [PART 1 - BASIC]
As most of modern debuggers like IDA, Oledbg and Windbg seems to fail in debugging old 16 bit COM files.  I began researching on differen...

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Setting up AFD, NASM and DOSBOX for 8086 assembly ( Step By Step )
1- NASM Download NASM ( Click on this link ) and install it. Now open the cmd and change your directory to the installation folder u...
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