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G+ bug or conspiracy?!? I tried loading the url for the story about the Google Robot Car crash and... it won't load... even after several tries. I just get a "could not load website" message. -- See screenshot of glitch below and in my photos.
Sooo.... it must be a simple bug, but it sure is a funny coincidence that G+ might block posting of a story about a topic so sensitive to Google.
But I am sure it is just a coincidence? Bug? My error?
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Well that got me there. What is the problem Paul?
Try it in an "antique" browser -- Safari Version 4.1.3 (4533.19.4) MacOS-X 10.4.11 (8S165) PowerPC G4 (2.9) -- Works for me. Question "security" upgrades -- Security for whom? Market security for the vendor? Probably.
There's a good chance that there is a server overload. When something like that would occur, refresh later and try again.
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