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Martin Večeřa
Developer, Photographer, Writer, Pilot...
Developer, Photographer, Writer, Pilot...

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What Quality Engineers Need to Get Under Their Belt
Two simple concepts that can make you more effiicient. I posted this article on DZone .

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Leadership: The Art of an Apology
To say sorry or to cover? Let's figure that out. My article on LinkedIn:

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Release 7.0 and The Vision
I would like to officially welcome you to 2016 autumn/fall (depending where you are). The days are getting shorter and the weather is becoming more moody. Fortunately, there are even good and exciting news. The number 7 in the PerfCake version number is not...

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Leadership: Trust
Trust   : belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective, etc. Originally posted on LinkedIn . I would like to devote the second post in my leadership mini-series to this fragile substance - to trust. As you can see in the definition,...

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Leadership: People or shovels?
Originally posted on LinkedIn . I would like to open a new mini-series of posts on leading people. All I learnt about leadrship in the past was quite obvious and logical to me. So I wondered why I should tell the others how it works. And yet it seems like i...

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SilverWare is Coming to Town
The First Release We are very happy and proud to announce a first release of SilverWare microservices platform . It is version 1.0 and it is a major progress after a year after the project inception. However some features are yet to be implemented and some ...

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Book review: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People + The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness
From principles of personal development to the true fulfilment Author: Stephen R. Covey Ranking: I think the whole menkind should read this It is a long time since I read a book that would have had such a great impact on me. I literally think that everybody...

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3G module similar to ESP8266
Anybody here who dares to create something like a small 3G module similar to ESP8266? I think I do not need to introduce ESP8266 chip to you. In short, it is a small and powerful all-in-one WiFi chip. One can upload their own code to it, use several GPIO pi...

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CzechTest 2015
This time, we would like to share our talk with you in advance. Let us introduce you the planned Friday talk at CzechTest , the presentation and the description of the demo. You won't be able to have the unique experience the demo will bring to live partici...

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Passion for life
I am not that kind of person that just quietly sits and waits for what is coming. I do not believe in faith, I rather have a control over things that are in the zone of my direct influence. Especially when it comes to the question how to make this world a b...
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