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I'm learning as I go
I'm learning as I go

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New Poetry
Eschatology The little time that we have left Before our mortal race, I fear, Renders planet Earth bereft Of us, grows shorter every year. Anger, greed, and stupid mind Are far too prevalent among us. Too easily does humankind Fall subject to their threefol...

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Heretic's Testament
“Yet contemplation is not vision, because it
sees 'without seeing' and knows 'without knowing.' It is a more profound depth
of faith, a knowledge too deep to be grasped in images, in words, or even in
clear concepts. It can be suggested by words, by symbols...

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Present Moment, Horrible Moment: When Mindfulness Becomes Idolatry
There was an opinion piece in last Sunday’s New York Times entitled “Actually, Let’s
Not Be in the Moment.” Its author, Ruth Whippman, is critical of the modern
mindfulness movement and suspicious of the fact that the practice of
bringing one’s attention to...

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New Poetry
Gathas When grief wakes me up in the morning I vow with all beings Not to look away from this painful awakening And to wish for it to become a seed of kindness. When I witness acts of public hatred I vow with all beings To bear witness against them, With my...

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New Poetry, August 2016
Song of Zazen In thinking-not-thinking it’s Suddenly revealed: all the  heartbreak of the world. Followed by the arising Of the urgent need to Recall to myself the Names of all the Thin Man movies, In chronological  Order. In Emily Dickinson’s Bedroom The w...

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Recent Poetry, July 2106
The Next-Best Thing Upon seeing through To your unkindness, Despair only modestly, For that seeing-through Happens to be The next best thing To kindness itself. And when You at last perceive Your greediness, Be of relative good cheer, As that perception Is ...

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Burnin' Down the House
A while back
I posted a reflection on sex, using as a jumping-off point for the discussion
the well-known   Zen koan about   a widow who burns down a monk’s hut. 1 The story, basically, goes like this:               A widow decided to support the practice

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Secrets of Kindness It’s the light Of eternity Shining through The ephemera Other acts. Diamonds are   Marshmallows   By comparison, so indestructible   Is it, and   Wurtzite boron nitride Is spiderwebs. The difference Between its larger and   Smaller manif...

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Poetry, February 2016
I Was Stupid To all who’ve been so good to me While I so ignorantly sat, Who offered love so selflessly: At last I thank you for all that. And to those who showed me kindness, When o’er my dumb head it went, Who nonetheless despite my blindness, Blessed my ...

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Recent Poetry, January 2016
A Wish for 2016 Happy New Year, one and all! May your genoise never fall, May your kitties never cower, May your bamboo never flower (When it does, you know, it dies), And may you fully realize The insubstantiality Of the line ‘tween you and me, And may com...
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