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Sofie is studying more than full time, which puts me as head of catering. Today's late lunch is Dal, a lentil stew we ate a lot of in Nepal. I also steamed some broccoli with the utensil +Ann-Catrine Melin gave me for my birthday. The broccoli tasted great but it didn't look very appetizing. Does anyone know how to fix that?
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The chlorophyll starts degrading at temperatures over 60C. Cook the broccoli as short time as possible. Optionally then dunk it in cold water to bring down the temperature and stop the degradation process. (Cooking it in a nitric oxide atmosphere also helps, but may not always be feasible.)
Ok, so steaming is not a good idea for broccoli then.
I dunno, I tend to blanche my broccoli - boil for 3 minutes and then pour cold water on it as suggested above. Makes the colour really gorgeous.
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